Kerala Gk in Hindi

Kerala General Knowledge Questions
GK Quiz 10

Que: The cardamon Board is in  ?
Ans: Kochi

Que: The district which has the maximum number of coir factories is  ?
Ans: Alappuzha

Que: The poet who known as 'Kerala Kalidasan'  ?
Ans: Kerala Varma Valiya Koi Thampuran

Que: Who was known as 'Garbha Sreeman'  ?
Ans: Swathi Thirunal

Que: The  Governor of Kerala who become the President of India ?
Ans: V.V.Giri

Que: The founder of Travencore University  ?
Ans: Sree Chithira Thirunal

Que: The exponent of “Vanchippattu”  ?
Ans: Ramapurathu Varier

Que: What is known as "Venice of Kerala" ?
Ans: Alappuzha

Que: The district where pepper is grown most   ?
Ans: Kannur

Que: The journalist to be exited from erstwhile in Travancore   ?
Ans: Swadesabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai

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Kerala GK Quiz
Kerala GK Quiz 

Kerala GK News

Kerala General Knowledge Questions
GK Quiz 9

Que: Who wrote “Jnanappana”   ?
Ans: Poothanam

Que: The most popular travelogue writer in kerala   ?
Ans: S.K.Pottakkadu

Que: The Christian art associated with weaponry is   ?
Ans: Chavittunadakam

Que: The only township in Kerala   ?
Ans: Guruvayur

Que: The most popular and priced literay award in Malayalam   ?
Ans: Mathrubhumi Award

Que: The Athlete who entered the final of the Olympics athletic event   ?
Ans: P.T.Usha

Que: Who is the responsible for the world renown of “Kadhakali”   ?
Ans: Vallathol

Que: The only Fine Art College in Kerala   ?
Ans: Thiruvananthapuram

Que: Who brought tapioca to Kerala   ?
Ans: Avittom Thirunal

Que: When did St. Thomas arrived in Kerala   ?
Ans: AD.52

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Kerala GK Quiz
Kerala GK Quiz 

Physics Questions and Answers

Physics GK Question Quiz 4

Que: What happens when a body is moving in a circular path with a constant speed?
    1. Force acting on it is zero
    2. Acceleration is not uniform
    3. Velocity is uniform
    4. Velocity is changing
Correct Answer :- Velocity is changing

Que: What happens when an object falls freely?
    1. Kinetic energy increases
    2. Potential energy increases
    3. Potential energy is converted to kinetic energy
    4. Potential energy decreases
Correct Answer :- Potential energy increases

Que: A girl travels 6m towards east and then 8 m towards north. Her displacement is:
    1. 7 m
    2. 10 m
    3. 14 m
    4. 2 m
Correct Answer :- 10 m / 10 рдоी.

Que: The SI unit of velocity is:
    1. ft/s
    2. m/s
    3. km/h
    4. m/h
Correct Answer :- m/s

Que: The value of acceleration due to gravity is:
    1. same at equator and poles
    2. increased from pole to equator
    3. least at equator
    4. least at poles
Correct Answer :- least at equator

Que: The unit of sound intensity is:
    1. J/m2
    2. W/m2
    3. W/s
    4. J/s
Correct Answer :- W/m2

Que: Which one of the following statements is TRUE about internal combustion engines?
    1. 4-Stroke engines are less efficient but generate more power than 2-stroke engines.
    2. 4-Stroke engines are less fuel efficient and generate less power than 2-stroke engines.
    3. 4-Stroke engines are more efficient and generate more power than 2-stroke engines.
    4. 4-Stroke engines are more fuel efficient but generate less power than 2-stroke engines.
Correct Answer :- 4-Stroke engines are more fuel efficient but generate less power than 2-stroke engines.

Que: A bag of wheat is weighed at a place near the equator and the same is taken to Antarctica. The weight of the bag will be_________.
    1. same at both the places
    2. less at Antarctica
    3. more at Antarctica
    4. zero at Antarctica
Correct Answer :- more at Antarctica

Que: An electric train is moving with a speed of 180 km/h. How much distance will it cover in 1 minute?
    1. 180 m
    2. 50 m
    3. 300 m
    4. 3 km
Correct Answer :- 3 km

Que: In vacuum, a beach ball falls at the same rate as an apple because: /
    1. in vacuum there is no gravity
    2. the frictional force acting on both is the same
    3. the acceleration due to gravity is same for both
    4. in vacuum the gravitational force acting on both is the same
Correct Answer :- the acceleration due to gravity is same for both


Physics Questions and Answers in Hindi

physics mcq questions and answers pdf

Physics GK Question Quiz 3

Que: A car traveled 50 m in 30 sec along a horizontal road. It reached the destination with a velocity 4 times of its initial velocity. During the process, what happens to the potential energy of the car?
     1. Became 2 times of initial potential energy
     2. Became 4 times of initial PE
     3. Became 8 times of initial PE
     4. Did not change
Correct Answer:- 4. Did not change

Que: A black body is at a temperature of 727°C. It emits energy at a rate which is proportional to:
     1. (1000)3
     2. (1000)4
     3. (727)2
     4. (727)4
Correct Answer :- (1000)4

Que: Which of the following is not a characteristic of a musical sound?
     1. Quality
     2. Loudness
     3. Wavelength
     4. Pitch
Correct Answer:- Wavelength

Que: Which of the following does not have unit as Joule?
    1. Work
    2. Force
    3. Kinetic energy
    4. Heat
Correct Answer:- Force

Que: Which among the following does not possess kinetic energy?
    1. A ball thrown upwards
    2. A battery
    3. A moving car
    4. A flying bird
Correct Answer:-  A battery

Que: A train moving with a velocity of 30 km/h has a kinetic energy of 52000 J. When the velocity of train is increased to 60 km/h, the work done is:
    1. Work done = 0
    2. 156000 J
    3. 104000 J
    4. 52000 J
Correct Answer :- 156000 J

Que: A body of mass 2 kg undergoes a change of velocity of 5 m/s in 5s. The force acting on it is:
    1. 10 N
    2. 1 N
    3. 2 N
    4. 5 N
Correct Answer :- 2 N

Que: If the object is at rest, then the slope of position-time graph:
    1. is zero
    2. may be zero
    3. cannot be zero
    4. always greater than zero
Correct Answer :- is zero

Que: If the velocity of an object is directly proportional to the time, then the object has:
    1. variable acceleration
    2. uniform acceleration
    3. uniform velocity 
    4. uniform speed
Correct Answer :- uniform acceleration

Que: Bats detect obstacles on their path by receiving the reflected_________.
    1. electro-magnetic waves
    2. ultrasonic waves
    3. radio waves
    4. infrasonic waves
Correct Answer :- ultrasonic waves


physics mcq questions and answers pdf

Important Microsoft word all short cut keys For Competitive Exams

Important ShortCut  For MS Word
Function Details
Short Cut
1.5-line spacing
Ctrl + 5
Adds or removes 6 pts of spacing before a paragraph
Ctrl + 0
Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen
Ctrl + E
Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen
Ctrl + L
Aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen
Ctrl + R
Aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen
Ctrl + J
Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + B
Change the font
Ctrl +Shift + F
Change the text  in Microsoft word from uppercase to lowercase or a capital letter at the beginning of the every word
Shift + F3
Changes text to heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 1
Changes text to heading 2
Ctrl + Alt + 2
Changes text to heading 3
Ctrl + Alt + 3
Copy selected text
Ctrl + C
Create a hanging indent
Ctrl + T
Create a soft break instead of new paragraph
Shift + Enter
Cut selected text
Ctrl + X
Decrease selected font -1pts
Ctrl + [
Decrease selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower, if above 12 decreases font by +2pt
Ctrl +Shift + <
Decreases the highlighted text size by one
Ctrl + Shift + <
Deletes word to the left of cursor
Ctrl + Backspace
Deletes word to the right of cursor
Ctrl + Del
Display the print preview
Ctrl + F2
Double-space lines
Ctrl + 2
If double-click a word, selects the complete word
Increase selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increases font +2pts
Ctrl + Shift + >
Increases selected fonts +1pts
Ctrl + ]
Increases the highlighted text size by one
Ctrl + Shift + >
Indent the paragraph
Ctrl + M
Insert a cent sign
Ctrl + / + C
Insert ink
Ctrl + K
Insert the current date
Shift + Alt + D
Insert the current time
Shift + Alt + T
Italic highlighted selection
Ctrl + I
Moves one word to left
Ctrl + <left arrow>
Moves one word to right
Ctrl + <right arrow>
Moves the cursor to the end of the documents
Ctrl + End
Moves the cursor  to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + Home
Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph
Ctrl + <up arrow>
Moves to the end of the paragraph
Ctrl + <down arrow>
Open find box
Ctrl + F
Open help
Open new document
Alt + Ctrl + F2
Open the find, replace, and go to the window in Microsoft Word
Open the font preferences window
Ctrl + D
Open the print window
Ctrl + P
Open the task pane
Ctrl + F1
Opens to another open Microsoft Word Document
Ctrl + Shift + F6
Ctrl + V
Shift + Insert
Prints the document
Ctrl + Shift + F12
Quickly create a bullet point
Ctrl + Shift + L
Redo the last action performed
Ctrl + Y
Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+)
Reset highlighted text to the default font
Ctrl + Spacebar
Runs a Thesaurus check on the word highlighted
Shift + F7
Shift + F12
Save as
Select all contents of the page
Ctrl + A
Selects text from where you click and hold to the point  you drag and let go
Click ,hold and drag
Selects the line or paragraph of the text the mouse triple-clicked
Triple click
Single-space lines
Ctrl + 1
Spellcheck and grammar check selected text or document
Underline the highlighted selection
Ctrl + U
Undo Last Action
Ctrl + Z
View or hide non printing characters
Ctrl +Shift + *