Physics MCQ

Physics GK Question Quiz 2

Que: Which quantity does not remain constant during projectile motion?
    (A). Force
    (B). Vertical component of velocity
    (C). Horizontal component of velocity
    (D). Acceleration
Correct Answer: Vertical component of velocity

Que: A periscope forms______________.
    (A).  An inverted image
    (B).  An erect image
    (C). A diminished image
    (D). An enlarged image
Correct Answeran erect image

Que: In an electric fan, the energy change involved is________.
     (A). Chemical energy to light energy.
     (B).  Electrical energy to chemical energy.
     (C).  Electrical energy to mechanical energy.
     (D). Electrical energy to sound energy.
Correct Answer: electrical energy to mechanical energy

Que: Acceleration of a charged particle of charge q and mass m moving in a uniform electric field of strength E is___________.
   (A). q/mE
   (B). qE/m
   (C). m/qE
   (D). mqE
Correct Answer: qE/m

Que: Arrange the following planets in the decreasing order of natural satellites they possess:Uranus, Mars, Venus and Saturn.
    (A).Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Venus
    (B).  Venus, Mars, Uranus, Saturn
    (C). Mars, Saturn, Venus, Uranus
    (D). Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Venus
Correct Answer: Saturn,Uranus, Mars, Venus

Que: If two stones of masses 2 kg and 6 kg are dropped from a height, then ______ .
    (A).The stone of mass 2 kg will reach the ground first
    (B).  The stone of mass 6 kg will reach the ground first
    (C). Both stones will reach the ground at the same time
    (D). The final velocity of the stone of 6 kg mass is greater than that of the stone of 2 kg mass / 6
Correct Answerboth stones will reach the ground at the same time

Que: If a shell at rest explodes into two fragments of masses in the ratio 1:2, than the fragments ___________
    (A). Will remain at rest
    (B).  Will fly in opposite direction with same speed.
    (C). Will move in the opposite direction with speed of ratio 2:1
    (D). Will move in opposite direction with speed of the ratio 1:2
Correct Answer: will move in the opposite direction with speed of ratio 2:1

Que: The angle between the incident ray and plane mirror is 45°. Then the angle between the incident ray and the reflected ray is____________.
    (B).  45°
    (C). 60°
    (D). 90°
Correct Answer: 90°

Que: The fundamental frequency of a closed organ pipe is equal to the first overtone of an open pipe. If the length of the open pipe is 60 cm, what is the length of the closed pipe?
    (A). 30 cm
    (B). 120 cm
    (C). 20 cm
    (D). 15 cm
Correct Answer: 15cm

Que: Split ring device is used in DC generators to___________.
    (A). 1. Convert ac armature current into dc / ac
    (B).  Reduce eddy current loss
    (C). Collect current without any sparkings
    (D). Collect voltage
Correct Answer: convert ac armature current into dc / ac

Plant Pathology

What is plant pathology?
Plant Pathology is defined as the study of the organisms and environmental
Plant Pathology
Plant Pathology
conditions that cause disease in plants, the mechanisms by which this occurs, the interactions between these causal agents and the plant (effects on plant growth, yield and quality), and the methods of managing or controlling plant disease. It also interfaces knowledge from other scientific fields such as mycology, microbiology, virology, biochemistry, bioinformatic, etc.

Who are Plant Pathologists
Plant Pathologists are scientists concerned with the understanding of the dynamic processes involved in the plant health. Their work is more research oriented.

What does one need to become a plant pathologist? And what are Compulsory school subjects & Academic requirement:
You must have a strong interest in biological science studies and research. Biology and/or Agricultural Science in Matric. Normally a pass with E (HG) or D (SG) symbol is a prerequisite for admission in these courses by most institutions. Scientists have to qualify in BSc (Agric) in Plant Pathology (3 years).

Where can training be undertaken?
Various universities in the country with faculties of agriculture offer qualifications in plant pathology, for example Natal University, University of the Free State, University of Stellenbosch and University of Pretoria to name but four.

Where do people qualified in this field work and what do they do?
·        Government research:
o   National and Provincial Plant Pathologist in Government department
o   National ARC research centres
·        Agrochemical companies: Run registration trials and promote the products to farmers.
·        Seed companies: Test cultivars for disease resistance, breed seeds for better resistance.
·        Fertiliser companies: Their clients often have technical problems which are associated with diseases, so they hire plant pathologists.
·        University Academics : These work at most of the major plant pathology departments either as lecturers or Researchers.
·        Farmer, Nurseryman: Many go into the production field, either with their own interests or as a manager. Their broad training and understanding of the constraints of disease on production are excellent equipment for this role.
·        Pharmaceutical Representative : Several pathologists have ended up in this competitive and technically demanding job.
·        Private company : Some have Plant Pathologists start their own companies manufacturing biological control agents.
Private Consultant: This is a demanding job, as it is a challenging field to consult in.

GK Questions On FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017

Very Important Topic for upcoming competitive exams as this is the first
GK Questions on FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017
time India is hosting this Tournament. 

The FIFA U-17 World Cup, founded as the FIFA U-16 World Championship, later changed to its current name in 2007, is the world championship of association football for male players under the age of 17 organized by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).The first edition was staged in 1985 in China, and tournaments have been played every two years since then. It began as a competition for players under the age of 16 with the age limit raised to 17 from the 1991 edition onwards.

Points To Remember about  FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 :-
  • The tournament will be hosted by India between 6th and 28th of October 2017.
  • A total of 24 teams qualified for the final tournament.
  • India is playing First time FIFA U-17 World cup, Qualified due to host nation.
  • Total 6 venues in the host cities Kochi, Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Guwahati, Margao and Kolkata.
  • The final will held at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata on 28 October 2017.
  • The mascot of 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup is a clouded leopard named Kheleo.
  • Official slogan for 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup  is ‘Football Takes Over’
  • Champians of FIFA U-17 World Cup Chile 2015 was Nigeria And Runners-Up was Mali.
  • Nigeria is the most successful nation in the tournament's history by winning 5 Times

More Point Will Be added later........

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Grand Slam Winners of 2017

GK Questions from Grand Slam tournaments are very important for bank exam, SSC and other competitive exam, here is list of winners in Grand Slam Winners 2017 and make it in PDF format. We Hope it will definitely help you for your upcoming Exams.

The Grand Slam Winners 2017

Grand Slam Winners of 2017
Grand Slam Winners 2017
The Grand Slam tournaments, also called majors, are the four most important annual tennis events. They offer the most ranking points, prize money, public and media attention, the greatest strength and size of field, and greater number of "best of" sets for men. The Grand Slam itinerary consists of the Australian Open in mid January, the French Open in May and June, Wimbledon in June and July, and the US Open in August and September.

2017 Australian Open
16 Jan – 29 Jan
Prize money : A$50,000,000
Surface : Hard (Plexicushion)
Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

2017 Australian Open Champions:-
  • Men's Singles      : Roger Fedrerar  of  Switzerland
  • Women's Singles : Serena Williams (USA) 
  • Men's Doubles     : Henri Kontinen (Finland) and Jhon Peers (Australia)
  • Women's Doubles: Bethanie Mattek-Sands (USA) and Lucie Šafářová (Czech republic)
  • Mixed Doubles     : Abigail Spears (USA)  and  Juan Sebastián Cabal ( Colombia )

2017 French Open 
28 May – 11 June
Prize money : €32,017,500
Surface : Clay
Location : Paris, France

2017 French Open Champions
  • Men's Singles : Rafael Nadal of  Spain
  • Women's Singles: Jeļena Ostapenko of latvia
  • Men's Doubles: Ryan Harrison ( USA ) And Michael Venus ( New Zealand )
  • Women's Doubles: Bethanie Mattek-Sands (USA) and Lucie Šafářová (Czech republic)
  • Mixed Doubles: Rohan Bopanna (India) and Gabriela Dabrowski (Canada )

2017 Wimbledon
25 June – 15 July
Prize money :£31600000
Surface : Grass
Location: London, United Kingdom

2017 Wimbledon Champions
  • Men's Singles :  Roger Fedrerar  of  Switzerland
  • Women's Singles : Garbiñe Muguruza of Spain
  • Men's Doubles: Łukasz Kubot of Poland and Marcelo Melo of Brazil
  • Women's Doubles : Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina (Both from Russia )
  • Mixed Doubles : Jamie Murrey of England and Martina Hingis (Switzerland)

2017 US Open
28 August – 10 September
Prize money $46,300,000
Surface : Hard
Location: New York City, New York, United States

2017 US Open Champions
  • Men's Singles:  
  • Women's Singles:  
  • Men's Doubles : 
  • Women's Doubles: 
  • Mixed Doubles : 

Punjab GK MCQ Pdf

Punjab General Knowledge Questions 
Quiz 3

21. Where is the science city of Punjab?
 (A) Jalandhar
 (B) Ludhiana
 (C) Moga
 (D) Khanna
Ans: (A) Jalandhar

22.) Where is the Manchester of Punjab?
 (A) Jalandhar
 (B) Ludhiana
 (C) Chandigarh
 (D) Amritsar
Ans: (B) Ludhiana

23 Which is the most Polluted City of Punjab?
 (A) Jalandhar
 (B) Bhatinda
 (C) Ludhiana
 (D) Sirsa
Ans: (C) Ludhiana

24. When was the present Punjab came into Existence?
(A) 1866
(B) 1966
(C) 1766
(D) 1867
Ans : (B) 1966

25. When was SGPC established in Punjab?
 (A) 1970
 (B) 1925
 (C) 1922
 (D) 1924
Ans: (B) 1925

26. Who was the first Sikh ruler of Punjab?
 (A) Guru Nanak Dev
 (B) Maharaja Ranjit Singh
 (C) Bhai Lakha Singh
 (D) Maharaja Kamaljit Singh
Ans: (B) Maharaja Ranjit Singh

27. Where was the country’s 1st solar power plant commissioned ?
 (A) Bathinda
 (B) Anandpur Sahib
 (C) Fatehgarh Sahib
 (D) Kapurthala
Ans (B) Anandpur Sahib

28. Yadavindra Gardens is located at
 (A) Patiala
 (B) Nabha
 (C) Pinjore
 (D) Sangrur
Ans (C) Pinjore

29. Who was the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at asian games?
(A) PT Usha
(B) Jyotrimayee sikdar
(C) Kamaljeet sandhu kooner
(D) Harwant kaur

Ans (C) Kamaljeet sandhu kooner

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