First In India Administration

First In India

Que 1: Who is the First Indian to Join I.C.S. ?
Ans :    Satyengra Nath Tagore was first Indian to be  selected for the Indian Civil Service in June, 1863 and joined I.C.S in 1864.

Que 2: Who is the first Indian Commander-in-Chief Of Indian Army ?
Ans :    First Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army was Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa in 1949.

Que 3 : Who is the  first Governor-General of Independent India ?
Ans :     Lord Lewis Mountbatten  

Que4: Who is the first Indian Governor-General of Independent India?
Ans:    Chakravarti  Rajgopalachari        

Que 5: Who is the first  Field Marshall of india ?
Ans :   General S. H. F. J. Manekshaw     

Que 6 : Who is the first  Auditor General of India ?
Ans :     V. Narahari Rao        

Que 7:  Who is the first  Director of CBI ?
Ans:     D.P Kohli in 1963      

Que 8:  Who is the first  National Security Adviser of India?
Ans:      Brijesh Mishra in November 1998

Que 9:  Who is the first Chief Election Commissioner of india?
Ans :     Sukumar Sen  appointed on 21 March 1950    

Que 10: Who is the first  Indian as Chairman in International Court ?
Ans :     Justice Dr. Nagendra Singh          (1985 to 1988 )

Que 11: Who is the first Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India ?
Ans :     Justice Hiralal Jekisundas  Kania  (26/01/1950 to 06/11/1951 )

Que 12 : Who was the first Indian to be Licensed Pilot ?
Ans :      J R D Tata       

Que 13:  Who is the first President of National Human Rights Commission?
Ans :      Justice Rangnath Mishra  (12/10/1993 to 24/11/1996 )  

Que 14:  Who is the first Indian Managing Director of World Bank ?
Ans :      Gautam Kazi  

Que 15:  Who is the first  Chairman of Finance Commission of India ?
Ans:       K.C. Niogi in 1951    

Que 16:  Who is the first Marshal of Indian Air Force?
Ans:       Arjan Singh

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