GK Questions on 2016 Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics 2016 ie 31st summer olympics will begins on August 5 and will go on till 21st August of total 16 days duration. More than 10,500 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs), including debutants Kosovo and South Sudan, will compete for 306 sets of medals, in 28 Olympic sports. These sporting events will take place at 33 venues in the host city and at five each in the cities of São Paulo (Brazil's largest city), Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasília (Brazil's capital), and Manaus. Following are Gk questions on Rio Olympics 2016 use full for competitive exams. 

  1. Rio city is located in  which country - Brazil
  2. The opening ceremony of 2016 Rio Olympics was held -   Maracana Stadium
  3. 2016 Rio Olympic cauldron was lit by -  Vanderlei de Lima
  4. Official theme song of 2016 Rio Olympics was "Alma e Coração" (Soul and Heart)
  5. Official mascot of Rio Olympics 2016 - Vinicius 
  6. The name of the Olympic mascot pays tribute to Brazilian musician Vinicius de Moraes.
  7. Official moto of Rio Olympics 2016 - A new World
  8. Logo of Rio Olympics is taken from Henri Matisse's  Dance Painting Made by Fred Gelli.
  9. India’s flag bearer during parade at 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony was - Abhinav Bindra
  10. India’s flag bearer during parade at 2016 Rio Olympics Closing ceremony was - Shakshi Malik
  11. In Rio Olympics total 65 Olympics Records Broked and 16 World Records Broked
  12. First gold medal of the 2016 Rio Olympics was won by - Ginny Thrasher of USA - In women's 10-meter air rifle event.
  13. Team taken first time as part in the Olympics Games in 2016 Rio Olympics are- Kosovo and South Sudan
  14. Largest Olympic team of 2016 Rio Olympics is - The United States (554 athletes)
  15. Smallest Olympic team of 2016 Rio Olympics is - South Pacific nation of Tuvalu (1 athletes)
  16. Youngest athlete of 2016 Rio Olympics -Meet Gaurika Singh of Nepal age 13 years 255 days  (Swimming)
  17. The two new sports for 2016 Olympic Games are - Golf and Rugby sevens
  18. Total number of athletes from Indian in Rio Olympics 2016 - 124 athletes
  19. In Rio Olympics 2016 India got total two 2 medals and got 67th place  in Medal tally. 
  20. PV Sindhu won Silver medal in badminton and  Sakshi Malik won Bronze in 58 kg free style wrestling. 
  21. Michael Phelps (Swimmer of USA) won 5 Gold and 1 Silver medal in Rio Olympics 2016 whereas he had got total 28 medals including 23 Golds Olympic medals in his career. 
  22. Katie ledeckey (Women Swimmer of USA) won 4 Gold and 1 silver medal in Rio Olympics 2016.
  23. In Football Brazil got Gold after defeating Germany by penalty shoot out in Rio Olympics 2016. Final shoot was taken by Nemar.
  24. In Tennis Andy murry won gold in men's and Monica Puig won in women's category.
  25. In Medal Tally USA was in top having 46 Gold 36 Silver and 37 Bronze( total 119 medal). Britain got second place and china got third.
  26. Fiji, Jordan and Kosovo got their 1st ever medal of in Olympics.
  27. Alzadeh zenoorin is first Iranian woman to win Olympic medal. she got it in tackwondo.
  28. The 2016 Rio Olympic program features 28 sports and a total of 41 disciplines and 306 events.
  29. Next Summer Olympic will held in 2020 at Tokyo (Japan)

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    1. Some more points are added ..... thanks for your suggestion.

  2. very helpfull but there is always a room for improvement.let it be improved.

  3. i think its 117 athletes from India participated.. instead of 124 as mentioned in para 18

    1. Thank for your responce
      Many places you will find 117 or 118 but in official website you will find 123 https://www.rio2016.com/en/india so im correcting it to 123 now.

  4. COrrect.....U helped me very much in my quiz competition....But there is a spelling mistake.....Hats Off to u

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      Plz share the spelling mistake so that i can correct it ..... and
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  5. it's not ginny thrasher ,
    it's virginia thrasher
    and even number of medal won by america is wrong
    total 121 gold 46, silver 37, bronze 38

    1. number of participate from india are 120 but 2 athletics were suspended from doping test
      so now the total number of participate from india is 118

    2. Ginny Thrasher And Virginia thrasher are same Actually her name is "Virginia ginny thrasher"

  6. first gold medalist in 2016 rio olympics is virginia thrasher, not ginny thrasher.

    1. Both are same her full virginia “Ginny” Thrasher. thanks for comment :)