Mahila Parvekchak Exam Madhya Pradesh Question Paper ( Dec 2014 )

     Q1.  Following vitamin of the B group is obtained by the animal based food stuffs   ?
A)   Pyridoxine
B)   Folic Acid
C)   Cyanocobalamine
D)  Thiamine

Q2.  One of the following equipments used to determine the energy value of food is .
A)  Benedict Roth apparatus
B)   Spectrophotometer
C)   Graphite furnance
D)   Bomb Calorimeter

Q3.  For tissue building during growth phase, human body requires additional amounts of following nutrients.
A)  Protein only
B)   Protein and energy only
C)   Protein, energy and micronutrients
D)  Protein, energy and dietary fibre

Q4.  Vitamin C content of pulses can be increased by one of the following processes .
A)  Milling
B)   Blanching
C)   Germination
D)  Decortications

Q5. Adolescence growth spurt period in girls is
A)  11-14 years
B)   13-16 years
C)   14-17 years
D)  15-18 years

Q6. Which of the following nutrients present in colostrums is more than double the quantity present in the normal human milk?
A)  Lactose
B)   Protein
C)   Fat
D)  Calcium

Q7. At one year of age, weight of a normal healthy infant become
A)  Double its birth weight
B)   1.5 times birth weight
C)   3 times its birth weight
D)  2.5 times its birth weight

Q8. ICMR recommendation for daily intake of protein  for a normal adult is
A)  0.8 g/kg body weight
B)   1.0 g/kg body weight
C)   1.75 g/kg body weight
D)  1.5 g/kg body weight

Q9. Spinach is a rich source of  which of the following
A)  Vitamin A
B)   Iron
C)   Calcium
D)  Thiamine

Q10. Nutrient requirements of lactating women also increase similar to pregnant women except for
A)  Energy
B)   Protein
C)   Calcium
D)  Iron

Q11. The requirement for which of the following nutrients does not change during pregnancy ?
A)  Protein
B)   Magnesium
C)   Iron
D)  Calcium

Q12. The occurrence of high blood pressure, oedema and proteinuria in pregnancy is known as
A)  Morning Sickness
B)   Maternal anomaly
C)   Heart Burn
D)  Toxaemia of pregnancy

Q13. The diabetes which is seen only during the period of pregnancy is known as which type of diabetes ?
A)  Type I Diabetes
B)   Type II Diabetes
C)   Gestational Diabetes
D)  Juvenile Diabetes

Q14. During prenatal health check-up the mother is advised immunisation for which injection?
A)  Tetanus
B)   Hepatitis
C)   Meningitis
D)  Diarrhoea

Q15. As Prenatal advice to the pregnant mother for good health she should be told to do what among the following ?
A)  Avoid exposure to radiation
B)   Avoid smoking and alcohol
C)   Avoid constipation and take a healthy diet
D)  All of the above

Q16. The B.C.G. vaccination is given to infant for the prevention of which of the following disease ?
A)  Smallpox
B)   Tuberculosis
C)   Cholera
D)  Chickenpox 

Q18. In the DPT vaccine the letter “P” stands for which disease among the following ?
A)  Pertussis
B)   Pyrrhoea
C)   Polio
D)  Plague

Q19. Which of the following vaccinations is given orally?
A)  M.M.R
B)   B.C.G
C)   Polio
D)  Hepatitis

Q20. The rotavirus vaccination prevents against which of the following diseases ?
A)  Cholera
B)   Diarrhoea
C)   Dementia
D)  Dermatitis

Q.21 Equipments for sterilizing syringes and needles used for vaccination is called ?
A)  Soxhlet
B)   Homogenizer
C)   Centrifuge
D)  Autoclave

Q22.  Which one of the following is not a common vaccine preventable disease:
A)  Pneuomonia
B)   Pertussis
C)   Diphtheria
D)  Childhood tuberculosis

Q23. From procurement place to the point of vaccination to the child, cold chain maintains the temperature of vaccine-
A)  At 0°C
B)   Between 0 To 4°C
C)   Between 2 To 8°C
D)  Between 3 To 6°C

Q24.  ‘Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojna ‘ is a scheme launched under one of the following :

Q25. MMR ( Maternal Mortality Rate )  is related  to:
A)  Maternal reproductive health and survival
B)   Maternal malnutrition
C)   Mother and child health survival.
D)  Mother and child malnutrition

Q26. Which one among the following is not covered in the beneficiaries of ICDS?
A)  Pregnant Women
B)   Lactating women
C)   Adolescent girl
D)  Children above six years.

Q27. Beneficiary groups for ‘Nutrition and Health Education’ under ICDS:
A)  Lactating women only
B)   Pregnant women only
C)   15-44 year women only
D)  All of the above

Q28. Premier National Institution for training ICDS functionaries is –
A)  NIN Hyderabad
B)   CFTRI Mysore
C)   NIPCCD Delhi
D)  CDRI Lucknow

Q29. Cretinism is caused by the deficiency of one of the following:
A)  Calcium
B)   Zinc
C)   Iodine
D)  Magnesium

Q30. Deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids leads to :
A)  Keratomalacia
B)   Skin Symptoms and Hair loss
C)   Black tongue
D)  Marasmus

Q31. Ideally the body weight of an infant when he completes one year of life should be how many time of birth weight ?
A)  2 Times
B)   3 Times
C)   4 Times
D)  None of the above

Q32. A healthy infant has sufficient store of vitamin A in the
A)  Brain
B)   Eyes
C)   Lungs
D)  Liver

Q33. Deficiency of Vitamin K in the pregnant mother diet can lead to the risk of which of the following problem?
A)  Underweight baby
B)   Hypoxia
C)   Neonatal haemorrhage
D)  Respiratory distress

Q34. The iron containing protein in colostrums and breast milk is known by which name ?
A)  Erythropoetin
B)   Lactoferrin
C)   Calcitonin
D)  Lymphokynes

Q35.  The protein requirement for preterm babies is how much per kg body weight per day –
A)  3-4 gm/kg body weight/day
B)   1-2 gm/kg body weight/day
C)   5-6 gm/kg body weight/day
D)  6-7 gm/kg body weight/day

Q36. To impart health education to urban and rural women including breast feeding the WHO and UNICEF have initiated which among the following ?
A)  Immunisation programme
B)   Prenatal camp
C)   Maternal care centres
D)  Baby friendly hospital

Q37. The ideal age recommended for weaning an infant is
A)  6 Months
B)   3 Months
C)   9 Months
D)  12 Months
Q38. The injection of Measles occurs by which among the following?
A)  Skin contact
B)   Food
C)   Water
D)  Secretions of nose throat respiratory tract
Q39. The Medical name for Whooping cough is which among the following
A)  Pertussis
B)   Dengue
C)   Influenza
D)  Diphtheria
Q40. Administering the DPT vaccination for the first time in new born babies is after how many weeks –
A)  4 Weeks
B)   6 Weeks
C)   8 Weeks
D)  10 Weeks
Q41. Glaucoma disease is related with which organ
A)  Eye
B)   Pancreas
C)   Liver
D)  Gall Bladder
Q42. In infants, fast/noisy breathing with cough and chest indrawing, are the sign of which disease-
A)  Tuberculosis
B)   Diphtheria
C)   Diarrhoea
D)  Pneumonia
Q43. To prevent the spread of measles, the must precaution is:
A)  Isolation of the patient
B)   Persistent feeding of the patient
C)   Limited light exposure of the patient
D)  Ventilation of the room of the patient
Q44. Pertussis is another name for-
A)  Typhoid Fever
B)   Diphtheria
C)   Whooping Cough
D)  Neonatal Tetanus
Q45. Deficiency of vitamin D causes a disturbance in the bioavailability of which mineral element:
A)  Magnesium
B)   Copper
C)   Calcium
D)  Zinc
Q46. Cholecalciferol is the chemical name of which vitamin?
A)  Vitamin D1
B)   Vitamin D2
C)   Vitamin D3
D)  Calcium
Q47. Which of the following vitamins does not act as coenzyme?
A)  Ascorbic Acid
B)   Thiamine
C)   Niacin
D)  Riboflavin
Q48. Egg yolk is a rich source of which of the following nutrients ?
A)  Niacin
B)   Carbohydrate
C)   Biotin
D)  Thiamine
Q49. Rickets is a disease which is caused by the deficiency of which of the following minerals ?
A)  Iron
B)   Calcium
C)   Potassium
D)  Sodium
Q50. The Protein requirement for an adult woman is how many grams a day ?
A)  55 gm/day
B)   50 gm/day
C)   60 gm/day
D)  70 gm/day
Q51. 600Mg of retinol is equivalent to how many mg of b carotene ?
A)  1200mg
B)   1800mg
C)   3600 mg
D)  4800 mg
Q52. The energy requirement for adult man who is a moderate worker is how much?
A)  2230 kcal/day
B)   3490 kcal/day
C)   2730 kcal/day
D)  2320 kcal/day
Q53. The deficiency of vitamin A would lead to which disease?
A)  Night blindness
B)    Anaemia
C)   Scurvy
D)  Goitre
Q54. Which of the following is not an antioxidant ?
A)  Ascorbic Acid
B)   Tryptophan
C)   Vitamin E
D)  Selenium
Q55. Megaloblastic anaemia is caused chiefly due to a deficiency of –
A)  Vitamin A and Thiamin
B)   Vitamin B6 and Thiamin
C)   Iron and Copper
D)  Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid
Q56. Which of the following ensues the grass root of democracy ?
A)  Interstate council
B)   Panchyati Raj
C)   (CAG) Comptroller and Auditor General
D)  President
Q57. Which scheme is not included in the Rural Development Programme ?
A)  Antyodaya
B)   Bhoodan
C)   Manrega
D)  Janani Shishu Yojana
Q58. Newly launched Prime Minister’s ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ is associated with
A)  Economic Welfare
B)   Agriculture welfare
C)   Community Welfare
D)  Banking Welfare
Q59. In which Ocean, is the deepest point of earth located ?
A)  Pacific
B)   Atlantic
C)   Arctic
D)  Hind
Q60. Which city is known as ‘Electronic City of India’?
A)  Mumbai
B)   Hyderabad
C)   Gudgaon
D)  Bangluru
Q61. What is the percentage of irrigated land of India?
A)  25
B)   35
C)   40
D)  45
Q62. In which year did, India won first Olympic gold medal in hockey?
A)  1928
B)   1932
C)   1936
D)  1944
Q63. Where is the headquarter of Food and Agriculture Organisation ?
A)  Washington
B)   Paris
C)   Madrid
D)  Rome
Q64. When Hindu Marriage Act was Passed?
A)  1950
B)   1965
C)   1955
D)  1957
Q65. When Dowry Prohibition Act was passed?
A)  1960
B)   1961
C)   1984
D)  1988
Q66. National Food Security Act was passed in:
A)  September 2013
B)   July 2013
C)   December 2011
D)  July 2011
Q67. Sexual Harassment includes:
A)  Forceful sexual relation
B)   Making sexually colored remarks
C)   Unwanted physical contact
D)  All of the above
Q68. The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 was amended in :
A)  1980
B)   1975
C)   1979
D)  1985
Q69. Children who are differently abled join a new school. Teachers give different reaction. Which one reflects the concept of inclusive education:
A)  Good, it will provide a good opportunity for the children to learn to help each other and be supportive.
B)   Such children should go to special schools where they will learn better.
C)   Oh ! How can i teach children who cannot even read.
D)  Im worried that my class may not accept these children and some of the mischievious children may even harm the poor kinds.
Q70. The Right of Children to free and compulsory education act, 2009 is that learning should be:
A)  Through child-friendly manner
B)   Through extra coaching
C)   Restricted to co-scholastic activities
D)  Careful monitoring.
Q71. How many 4 digit number are there in the Hindu-Arabic Numeration system ?
A)  9999
B)   9000
C)   99
D)  8999
Q72. 407928 is read as:
A)  Forty thousand nine hundred twenty eight
B)   Four lakh seven thousand nine hundred twenty eight
C)   Four lakh seventy nine thousand twenty eight
D)  Forty seven thousand nine hundred twenty eight
Q73. In the following which is the greatest number ?
A)  [(2+2)²]²
B)   (2+2+2) ²
C)   (4)²
D)  (2x2x2)²
Q74. The implementation of National Programme of Mid-Day Meal (MDM) was started in Madhya Pradesh:
A)  In 1994
B)   In 1995
C)   In 1996
D)  In 1997
Q75. In Panchyati-Raj out of total number of seats how many are reserved for women
A)  Two-Third
B)   Half
C)   Three Forth
D)  One third
Q76. How many Tribal Research Institutes are there in India?
A)  14
B)   15
C)   16
D)  17
Q77. Which scheme among these does not come under, ‘National Social Assistance Programme’ (NSAP) ?
A)  Indra Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme
B)   National Family Benefit Scheme
C)   Annapurna
D)  Mid Day-Meal
Q78. In which age infants are given the forth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine ?
A)  12 Weeks
B)   14 Weeks
C)   16 Weeks
D)  18 Weeks
Q79. The average of 50 numbers is 38. If two numbers, namely 45 and 55 are discarded, the average of remaining number is :
A)  36.5
B)   37
C)   37.5
D)  38
Q80. Three year ago, the average age of a family of 5 members was 17 years. A baby having birth, the average age of the family is the same today. The present age of baby is
A)  2 years
B)   2.4 years
C)   3 years
D)  3.4 years
Q81. Gonorrhoea is a disease transmitted through :
A)  Air
B)   Water
C)   Sex
D)  Food
Q82. The chemical name of vitamin B12 is :
A)  Biotin
B)   Thiamine
C)   Folic Acid
D)  Riboflavin
Q83. Which of the following is an example of a vestigial organ
A)  Connective Tissue
B)   Ear Pinna
C)   Gall Bladder
D)  Large Intestine
Q84. When the amendment of anti rape bill 2013 was passed by lok sabha?
A)  2nd October
B)   19th March
C)   15th August
D)  26th January
Q85. For which crime,  a person can be arrested, under section 375 of the Indian penal code ?
A)  Sexual Abuse
B)   Physical assault
C)   Bigamy
D)  Rape
Q86. According to the national food security act 2013, ration card holders shall get wheat at the what rate:
A)  Re1/ kg
B)    Re2/kg
C)   Re3/kg
D)  Re4/kg

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