General Knowledge Question From History

GK Question History

 Q1.  Chankya was the chief advisor of which ruler ?
 (A) Ashok
 (B) Harshvardhan
 (C) Chandragupta Maurya
 (D) Kanishka

Q2.  Which is the highest civilian award in India ?
 (A) Padam Shri
 (B) Padam Bhushan
 (C) Padam Vibhushan
 (D) Bharat Ratna

Q3.  In first battle of Panipat, Babar defeated which Lodhi ruler to establish Mughals in India ?
 (A) Ibrahim Lodhi
 (B) Sikandar Lodh i
 (C) Bahlul Lodhi
 (D) Daulat Lodhi

Q4. Who authored sanskrit epic Ramayana ?
 (A) Ved Vyas
 (B) Valmiki
 (C) Surdas
 (D) Tulsidas

Q5. According to Mahabharat, who was the last Commander-in-Chief of Kaurava army ?
 (A) Ashwatthama
 (B) Dronacharya
 (C) Karna
 (D) Shalya

Q6. According to Ramayana, who was Bharat's wife ?
 (A) Sita
 (B) Urmila
 (C) Mandavi
 (D) Shruthukeerti

Q7. Who was Akbar's financial advisor ?
 (A) Birbal
 (B) Abul Fazal
 (C) Raja Todar Mal
 (D) Raja Man Singh

Q8. Lumbini, the birth place of Gautam Budhdha, is in which present country ?
 (A) Bhutan
 (B) Nepal
 (C) India
 (D) Bangladesh 

Q9. To commemorate his conquest of the Ranthambhor fort and Khandesh in Gujarat, which Mughal ruler built Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri ?
 (A) Babur
 (B) Akbar
 (C) Jahangir
 (D) Shahjahan

Q10. According to Mahabahrat, who was Abhimanyu's mother ?
 (A) Draupadi
 (B) Ulupi
 (C) Chitrangada
 (D) Subhadra


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