General Knowledge Questions Of Geography Quiz 1

General Knowledge Questions Of Geography

Q1.  What is the direction of rotation of earth on its axis ?
 (A) East to West
 (B) West to East
 (C) North to South
 (D) South to North
Answer: B

Q2.  Which is the largest animal in world ?
 (A) Giraffe
 (B) Elephant
 (C) Orang Utan
 (D) Blue Whale
Answer: D

Q3. Which colour is in the centre of Rainbow ?
 (A) Red
 (B) Yellow
 (C) Green
 (D) Violet
Answer: C

Q4. In terms of area, which is the smallest state in India ?
 (A) Goa
 (B) Sikkim
 (C) Nagaland
 (D) Tripura
Answer: A

Q5. Which canal connects Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea ?
 (A) Erie Canal
 (B) Indira Gandhi Canal
 (C) Panama Canal
 (D) Suez Canal
Answer: D
Q6. Into which water body does river Narmada flow ?
 (A) Red Sea
 (B) Arabian Sea
 (C) Bay of Bengal
 (D) Indian Ocean
Answer: B

Q7. Which planet is referred Morning Star as well as Evening Star ?
 (A) Mars
 (B) Venus
 (C) Jupiter
 (D) Mercury
Answer: B

Q8. Which planet is nearest to Sun ?
 (A) Venus
 (B) Mercury
 (C) Earth
 (D) Mars
Answer: B

Q9. What is the boundary line demarcating India and Pakistan known as ?
 (A) Radcliffe Line
 (B) McMahon Line
 (C) Durand Line
 (D) Curzon Line
Answer: A

Q10. To measure hardness of minerals, which scale is used ?
 (A) Kelvin
 (B) Richter
 (C) Mohs
 (D) Mercalli
Answer: C

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  1. Geography questions often have multiple parts. Sometimes you can get hints on how to work a problem by seeing where the question is going. Sometimes you can even find the answer to the first part of a question this way. These MCQs are beneficial when you are well prepared for your exam because then these MCQs make your preparation more strong.