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Chemistry Quiz

Que1. The gas used in the production of ammonia are- 
 A.Nitrogen and Oxygen
 B.Oxygen and Nitric acid
 C.Nitrogen and Methane
 D.Nitrogen and Hydrogen
Answer:D.Nitrogen and Hydrogen

Que2. The gas that cause atmospheric pollution is- 
 C.Sulfur dioxide
 D.None of this
Answer: C. Sulfur dioxide

Que3. The metal that occurs in the pure form in the earth's crust is- 
Answer: D.Platinum

Que4. Oxidation is a proces which involves- 
 A.The loss of electrons
 B.The gain of hydrogen
 C.The gain of electrons
 D.No change in electrons
Answer: A.The loss of electrons

Que5. For plant growth. The most important compounds are made up on-
Answer: B.Nitrogen

Que6. The substance most commonly used as a food preservative is- 
 A.Sodium bicarbonate
 B.Tartaric acid
 C.Acetic acid
 D.Benzoic acid
Answer: D.Benzoic acid

Que7. The smallest unit of a chemical compound is- 
Answer: B.Electron

Que8. A chemical change that takes place with the evolution of heat is called- 
 A.Reverse reaction
 B.Endothermic reaction
 C.Exothermic reaction
 D.Thermal reaction
Answer: C.Exothermic reaction

Que9. One should not sleep under a tree at night because trees release- 
 A.Carbon dioxide
 C.Carbon monoxide
 D.Sulfur dioxide
Answer: A.Carbon dioxide

Que10. Gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is - 
 C.Carbon monoxide
Answer: D.Acetylene


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