Indus Valley Civilization Test Questions

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Q1. Which was the first metal used by the man?
Answer: (A) Copper

Q2.With which of the following periods do we associate the “Microlith” implements?
Answer: (B) Mesolithic

Q3.With which period do we associate the “Megaliths”?
(A) Neolithic
(B) Chalcolithic
(C) Mesolithic
(D) Pleistocene
Answer: (A) Neolithic

Q4.When the first metal tool came into being it was used for ?
(C)Clearing jungles
(D)Making wheels
Answer: (C)Clearing jungles

Q5.The stone age people had the first domestic?
Answer:(D) Sheeps

Q6.The earliest evidence of silver in India is found in the?
 (A)Harappan culture
 (B)Chalcolithic cultures of western india
 (C)Vedic texts
 (D)Silver punch-marked coins
Answer:(A) Harappan culture

Q7.Normad man started settling in?
 (A)Palaeolithic age
 (B)Mesolithic age
 (C)Neolithic age
 (D)None of these
Answer:(C) Neolithic age

Q8. Man passed from the food gathering stage of the food producing stage in the?
 (A)Palaeolithic age
 (B)Mesolithic age
 (C)Neolithic age
 (D)Chalcolithic age
Answer-(C) Neolithic age

Q9. The greatest invention of man in Palaeolithic age was ?
 (B)Potters wheel
 (C)Metal implements
 (D)Spinning of clothes
Answer:(A) Fire

Q10. During the Indus valley civilization period the dominant number used for weight and measures was ?
Answer:(D) 16                

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