Mahajanapadas And Magadha Empire Questions

Q1. Buddha died in which mahajanapadas ?
(A) Mall
(B) Chedi
(C) Magadha
(D) Avanti
Answer: (A) Mall

Q2. The first foreigner to invade India was ?
(A) Cyrus
(B) Darius I
(C) Agramess
(D) Cambyses
Answer- (B) Darius I

Q3. The first monarch of magadha kingdom in six century B.C. was ?
(A) Bimbisara
(B) Prasenajit
(C) Ajatashatru
(D) Jarasandha
Answer-(A) Bimbisara

Q4. In ancient India ,the earlist capital of magadha kingdom was of ?
(A) Patliputra
(B) Rajgir
(C) Vaisali
(D) Varanasi
Answer- (B) Rajgir

Q5. Which of the following transferred his capital from rajgir to pataliputra ?
(A) Bimbisara
(B) Ajatsatru
(C) Udayin
(D) Shishunaga
Answer-(C) Udayiin

Q6. Which of the following transferred his capital from patliputra to vaisali?
(A) Bimbisara
(B) Ajatsatru
(C) Udayin
(D) Shishunaga
Answer- (D) Shishunaga

Q7. Which of the following pairs in incorrect ?
(A) Bimbisara-magadha
(B) Menander-Taxila
(C) Sasank-Gauda
(D) Panyas-Madura
Answer- Menander-Taxila

Q8. Which of the following was not a kingdom in ancient India?
(A) Avanti
(B) Vatsa
(C) Hampi
(D) Kosala
Answer-(C) Hampi

Q9. In early ancient India ,the largest urban center was ?
(A) Pataliputra
(B) Taxila
(C) Kausambi
(D) Kanauj
Answer-(A) pataliputra

Q10. Who is often described as the second ‘parasurama’or the exterminator of the entire kshatriya race ?
(A) Ajatsatru
(B) Mahapadma
(C) Dhana nanda
(D) Pradyota
Answer-(B) Mahapadma

Q11. Who among these was the nanda ruler at the time of Alexander invasion ?
(A) Kalasoka
(B) Mahapadma
(C) Dhana nanda
(D) Nagadasaka
Answer-(C) Dhana nanda

Q12. Which among the following ancient India king claimed ekarat or the first imperial ruler of India ?
(A) Mahapadma nanda
(B) Ajatsatru
(C) Udayin
(D) Dhana nanda
(A) Mahapadma nand

Q13. One the bank of which river were Alexander and porus involved in a grim battle?
(A) Jhelum
(B) Ravi
(C) Chenab
(D) Beas
Answer- (A) Jhelum

Q14. Alexander died at ?
(A) Patala
(B) Taxila
(C) Babylon
(D) Gedrosia
Answer-(C) Babylon

Q15. What was the main cause for the rise of large states during and after six centuaryB.C. ?
(A) Widespread use of iron in part of u.p and bihar
(B) The tribel society gave way to a more settled life
(C) There was great increase of trade and commerce
(D) None of the above
Answer-(A) Widespread use of iron in part of u.p and Bihar

Q16. Who among the following was a great ruler of kalinga in ancient times ?
(A) Ajatsatru
(B) Bindusara
(C) Kharavela
(D) Mayurasarman
Answer-(C) Kharavela

Q17. Tradition has it that ajatsatru was instigated to murder his father by ?
(A) Devadatta
(B) Chellana
(C) Chetaka
(D) Dhurmukha
Answer-(A) Devadatta

Q18. Shishunaga dyanastyis credited to have destroyed which mahajanpada?
(A) Vaishali
(B) Avanti
(C) Kosala
(D) Madra
Answer-(B) Avanti

Q19. Bimbissara had friendly relation with all theas except ?
(A) Anga
(B) Kosala
(C) Vaishali
(D) Madra
Answer-(A) Anga

Q20. Which one of the following was initially the most powerful city state of Indian in sixth centuryB.C. ?
(A) Gandhara
(B) Kamboj
(C) Kashi
(D) Magadh
Answer-(D) magadh

Q21 Who among the following was not a contemporary of the other three?
(A) Bimbisara
(B) Gautama Buddha
(C) Milinda
(D) Prasenjit
Answer- (C) Milinda

Q22. which one of the following ancient mahajanpadas was located on the bank yamuna ?
(A) Anga
(B) Avanti
(C) Matsya
(D) Vatsa
Answer- (D) Vatsa

Q23. With reference to the period of mahajanpadas referred to in Buddhist literature which one of the following dynasties
ruled avanti?
(A) Iksvaku
(B) Haryanka
(C) Paurava
(D) Pradyota
Answer-(D) Pradyota

Q24. Between which of the following was the ancient town of tashasila located ?
(A) Indus the jhelum
(B) Jhelum and chenab
(C) Chenab and ravi
(D) Ravi and beas
Answer- (A) Indus the jhelum



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