Vedic Age Questions

Vedic Age Questions For Competitive Exams

Q1. Which one of the following contains the gayatri mantra?
Answer- Rig-Veda

Q2. Iron came to be used by the vedic people in around?
  (A) 200 B.C
  (B) 500 B.C
  (C) 800 B.C
  (D) 1000B.C
Answer-(D) 1000 B.C
Q3.Which god lost his importance as the first deity during the later vedic period?
  (A) Varuna
  (B) Agni
  (C) Indra
  (D) Rudra
Answer- (A) Varuna

Q4. Which is the most important divinty of rig-veda?
  (A) Marut
  (B) Agni
  (C) Shakti
  (D) Varuna
Answer-(D) Varuna

Q5.The vedic deity Indra was the god of?
  (A) Wind
  (B) Eternity
  (C) Rain the thunder
  (D) Fire
Answer-(C) Rain the thunder

Q6. The god not worshipped during the time of Rig-Vedic Aryans was?
  (A) Indra
  (B) Agni
  (C) Marut
  (D) Shiva
Answer-(D) Shiva

Q7. Which among  the following was the chief feature of rig-vedic religion?
  (A) Performance of sacrifices
  (B) Worship of images
  (C) Belief in existence of life after death
  (D) Predominance of female goddesses
Answer-(A) Performance of sacrifices

Q8. The world is god and god is my soul is the philosophy contained in the?
  (A) Vedas
  (B) Puranas
  (C) Brahamanas
  (D) Upanishads
Answer-(D) Upanishads

Q9. Which of the following gives the correct chronological order of the Vedas?
  (A) Rig, sama, atharva ,yajur
  (B) Rig ,sama ,yajur ,atharva
  (C) Rig and sama together ;yajur and atharva together
  (D) All simultaneously
Answer-(B) Rig, sama ,yajur, atharva

Q10. The learned lady who is said to have debated with the famous law-giver yajnavalkya was?
  (A) Gargi
  (B) Maitreyi
  (C) Kamala
  (D) Kalindi
Answer-(A) Gargi

Q11. The expounder of yoga philosophy is ?
  (A) Patanjali
  (B) Gautam
  (C) Jaimini
  (D) Shankaracharya
Answer-(A) Patanjali

Q12. The mediator between man and gods according to the vedic people was?
  (A) Indra
  (B) Agni
  (C) Marut
  (D) Asvins
Answer-(B) Agni

Q13. In which of the following forms of marriages was the bridegroom supposed to give a cow and bull to the guardian of the bride during ancient period?
  (A) Asura
  (B) Paisacha
  (C) Prajapatya
  (D) Arsha
Answer-(D) Arsha

Q14. In which one of the following does the word ‘gotra first appear with the meaning of clan ?
  (A) Rig veda
  (B) Atharva veda
  (C) Aitareya brahmana
  (D) Arthasastra
Answer- (A) Rig veda

Q15.What are Brahmans?
  (A) Detailed treatises on agriculture practices and methods
  (B) Text on sacrificial rituals
  (C) Guidelines for the ruler for organizing administration
  (D) Commentaries appended to the Aranyakas dealing with philosophical  questions
Answer-(B) Text on sacrificial rituals