GK Question On Earth Atmosphere Quiz 1

GK Question On  Earth Atmosphere Quiz

Q1. Winds and air currents differ in the aspect that?
(A) Air currents blow much faster than winds
(B) Air currents are always moisture laden while the winds are usually dry
(C) The winds blow on lands while air currents blow over seas and oceans
(D) Winds are horizontal movements of air while air currents are the vertical movements of air

Q2. In USA, which one of the following regions receives heavy rainfall throughout the year under the influence of westerlies?
(A) North-western
(B) North-eastern
(C) South-western
(D) South-eastern

Q3. The cold and dense air blowing down the mountain slope during the night is known as?
(A) Anabatic wind
(B) Khamsin
(C) Katabatic wind
(D) Harmattan

Q4. When the wind is deflected due to the rotation of the earth, it is called as?
(A) Geostropic wind
(B) Polar wind
(C) Westerlies
(D) Trade wind

Q5. Which one of the following is not a correct example of tropical cyclone?
(A) Tornadoes
(B) Typhoons
(C) Hurricanes
(D) Nor` wasters

Q6. Temperate cyclones bring along with them?
(A) Pleasant  weather
(B) Snowfall and hail
(C) Thunderstorms and torrential rainfall
(D) Mild rainfall

Q7. Winds blow?
(A) In region of low pressure
(B) From a region of high pressure to a region of low pressure
(C) From a region of low pressure to a region of high pressure
(D) In region of high pressure

Q8. Doldrums are belts of low atmospheric pressure obtained in the regions adjoining the equator to a distance of?
(A) 5 degree latitude towards the north only
(B) 5 degree latitude towards the south
(C) 5 degree latitude towards north and south
(D) 15 degree latitude towards north and south

Q9. The chemically inactive gas present in the atmosphere is?
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Argon
(C) Water vapor
(D) Oxygen

Q10. Doldrums are?
(A) High latitudes with low heavy snow
(B) Equatorial zone with low pressure
(C) High pressure areas on mountains
(D) Sub-polar zone with high pressure

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