GK Question On Earth Atmosphere Quiz 2

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GK Question On  Earth Atmosphere Quiz

Q11 Atmospheric pressure exerted on earth is due to?
(A) Gravitational pull of the earth
(B) Rotation of earth
(C) Revolution of earth
(D) Uneven heating of earth

Q12. The sea breeze blows blows during?
(A) Day from land sea
(B) Day from sea to land
(C) Night from land to sea
(D) Night from sea to land

Q13. The instrument used for finding out wind-direction is?
(A) Anemometer
(B) Wind vane
(C) Wind gauze
(D) Hygrometer

Q14. `Beaufort scale` is used to measure?
(A) Air pressure
(B) Wind velocity
(C) Wind direction
(D) Humidity

Q15. The trade winds are caused by?
(A) Rotation of the earth
(B) Revolution of the earth
(C) Inflowing movement of air along the earth` s surface towards the equator
(D) None of these

Q16 Temperature generally decreases towards the poles because?
(A) Air movement is generally towards the equator
(B) Cold polar air masses prevent surface hearting of the land
(C) Cold surfaces do not absorb solar energy as readily as warm surfaces
(D) Progressively lesser solar energy per unit area falls on the earth` s surface as we move to polar regions

Q17. Which one of the following statements is correct?
(A) Jet streams are best developed in winters
(B) Jet streams have often developed oscillations
(C) Jet streams greatly influence our surface weather
(D) All the above there are correct in respect of jet streams

Q18. When can one record the lowest temperature of air?
(A) Just before sunrise
(B) At midnight
(C) At 3 a.m.
(D) No fixed time

Q19.What helps to maintain the heat budget on the surface of the earth?
(A) Incoming insulation in short waves and terrestrial radiation inn long waves
(B) The atmosphere absorbs
(C) Incoming solar radiation is reflected
(D) The earth absorbs heat

Q20. The water content in the atmosphere?
(A) Is independent of temperature
(B) Increases as temperature increases
(C) Decreases as temperature increases
(D) Either increases or decreases with temperature increases

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