Physics GK Questions Quiz 1

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Physics GK Question Quiz 1

Q1. Which is he best conductor of heat among liquid ?
 A. Water.
 B. Mercury.
 C. Ether.
 D. Alcohol.

Q2. Raindrops are spherical due to . .
 A. Viscosity of water.
 B. Surface tension.
 C. Continuous evaporation.
 D. Air friction

Q3. An objects weights maximum in ?
 A. Air.
 B. Water.
 C. Hydrogen.
 D. Vacuum.

Q4. Atmospheric pressure is measured with instrument called ?
 A. Hydrometer.
 B. Barometer.
 C. Hygrometer.
 D. Altimeter.

Q5. The density of sea water increases as –
 A. Depth and salinity decrease.
 B. Depth decreases and salinity increases.
 C. Depth increases and salinity decreases.
 D. Depth and salinity increase.

Q6. The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is –
 A. 24 hours.
 B. 30 days.
 C. 365 days.
 D. No fixed period.

Q7. Conservation of energy means that –
 A. Energy can be created as well as destroyed.
 B. Energy can be created but nod destroyed.
 C. Energy cannot be created but can be destroyed.
 D. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed..

Q8. Winding a watch is actually the process of storing –
 A. Electrical energy.
 B. Pressure energy
 C. Kinetic energy
 D. Potential energy

Q9. What will happen If a body is taken from the earth to the moon  -
 A. Its mass will be different but weight will remain the same.
 B. Both mass and weight will different.
 C. Its mass will remain the same but weight will be different.
 D. Its mass and weight will remain unchanged.

Q10. The weight of a body is  -
 A. Same everywhere on the surface of the earth.
 B. Maximum at the poles.
 C. Maximum at the equator.
 D. More on the hills than in the plains.

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