The mauryan Empire and Sangam age Questions

Q1.Who among the following usurped the throne of  Magadha in 322 B.C. ?
(A)  Bindusara
(B)   Ashoka
(C)   Chandragupta mourya
(D)  Kaniska
Answer- (C) Chandragupta Mourya

Q2. Who is said to have conquered the land between Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal?
(A)  Kanishka
(B)   Bindusara
(C)   Vikramaditya
(D)  Ajatsatru
Answer-(B) Bindusara

Q3. Which of the following mauryan emperors Abdicated his throne and migrated to the south to live as jain ascetic?
(A)  Chandragupta mourya
(B)   Ashoka
(C)   Bindusara
(D)  Dasartha
Answer- (A) Chandragupta mourya

Q4. Chandragupta mourya empire extended in the north –west up to ?
(A)  Ravi
(B)   Indus
(C)   Sutlej
(D)  Hindukush
Answer –(D) Hindukush

Q5. Who among the following is consider as the first national ruler of India?
(A)  Chandragupta Mourya
(B)   Ashoka
(C)   Chandragupta I
(D)  Kanishka

Answer- (A) Chandragupta mourya

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