MCQ Quiz On River Systems of India

Top questions quiz on Indian Rivers system useful for various competitive exam

Que: The longest river of peninsular India is 
(A) Krishna
(B) Kaveri  
(C) Narmada
(D) Godavari 
Answer : (D) Godavari 

Que: Moraines are formed in 
(A) River Deltas
(B) Arid Regions  
(C) Glacial Regions
(D) Monsoon Region
Answer : (C) Glacial Regions

Que: Shivasamudram Fall is found in the course of river 
(A) Krishna
(B) Godaveri  
(C) Kavery
(D) Mahanadi
Answer: (C) Kavery

Que: ‘Loktak’ is a 
(A) Valley
(B) Lake  
(C) River
(D) Mountain Range
Answer: (B) Lake

Que: Which is a Trans-Himalayan river ?
(A) Ganga
(B) Yamuna  
(C) Sutlej
(D) Ravi
Answer: (C) Sutlej

Que: On which river is the Nagarjuna Sagar Project located ?
(A) Krishna
(B) Godavari 
(C) Cauvery
(D) Tapti 
Answer: (A) Krishna 

Que: Rihand Dam Project provides irrigation to 
(A) Gujrat and Maharashtra
(B) Orissa and West Bengal 
(C) Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
(D) Kerala and Karnataka
Answer: (C) Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

Que: The longest irrigation canal in India ?
(A) Sirhind Canal
(B) Yamuna Canal 
(C) Indira Gandhi Canal
(D) East Kosi Canal
Answer: (C) Indira Gandhi Canal

Que. Where does the river Indus rises ?
(A) Kailashgiri in Tibet
(B) Manasasarovar
(C) Trayambak
(D) Mahabaleswar
Answer: (A) Kailashgiri in Tibet

Que: The river Godavari flows for the distance of
(A) 1890 kms.
(B) 1200 kms.
(C) 1450 kms.
(D) 1890 kms.

Answer: (C) 1450 kms.

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MCQ Quiz On River Systems of India

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