physics mcq questions and answers pdf

Physics GK Question Quiz 3

Que: A car traveled 50 m in 30 sec along a horizontal road. It reached the destination with a velocity 4 times of its initial velocity. During the process, what happens to the potential energy of the car?
     1. Became 2 times of initial potential energy
     2. Became 4 times of initial PE
     3. Became 8 times of initial PE
     4. Did not change
Correct Answer:- 4. Did not change

Que: A black body is at a temperature of 727°C. It emits energy at a rate which is proportional to:
     1. (1000)3
     2. (1000)4
     3. (727)2
     4. (727)4
Correct Answer :- (1000)4

Que: Which of the following is not a characteristic of a musical sound?
     1. Quality
     2. Loudness
     3. Wavelength
     4. Pitch
Correct Answer:- Wavelength

Que: Which of the following does not have unit as Joule?
    1. Work
    2. Force
    3. Kinetic energy
    4. Heat
Correct Answer:- Force

Que: Which among the following does not possess kinetic energy?
    1. A ball thrown upwards
    2. A battery
    3. A moving car
    4. A flying bird
Correct Answer:-  A battery

Que: A train moving with a velocity of 30 km/h has a kinetic energy of 52000 J. When the velocity of train is increased to 60 km/h, the work done is:
    1. Work done = 0
    2. 156000 J
    3. 104000 J
    4. 52000 J
Correct Answer :- 156000 J

Que: A body of mass 2 kg undergoes a change of velocity of 5 m/s in 5s. The force acting on it is:
    1. 10 N
    2. 1 N
    3. 2 N
    4. 5 N
Correct Answer :- 2 N

Que: If the object is at rest, then the slope of position-time graph:
    1. is zero
    2. may be zero
    3. cannot be zero
    4. always greater than zero
Correct Answer :- is zero

Que: If the velocity of an object is directly proportional to the time, then the object has:
    1. variable acceleration
    2. uniform acceleration
    3. uniform velocity 
    4. uniform speed
Correct Answer :- uniform acceleration

Que: Bats detect obstacles on their path by receiving the reflected_________.
    1. electro-magnetic waves
    2. ultrasonic waves
    3. radio waves
    4. infrasonic waves
Correct Answer :- ultrasonic waves


physics mcq questions and answers pdf

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