Fact sheet about life cycle of stars

  •  Study of Celestial body is known as Astronomy.
  • Collection of all the visible celestial bodies in the sky is called universe.
  • Celestial body which is having its own light and heat is called Star.
  • Before becoming a star it is a sphere of rare gases.
  • When the rare gases are co-centered, they form dense cloud which is known as Nebula.
  • When these gaseous clouds Nebula starts burning due to fusion it become star.
  • In stars hydrogen (H) is converted to helium (He) by fusion. And due to this process it release heat and light.
  • Fuel of star is in Plasma state
  • Colors of stars depend of the temperature of its surface area.
  • Depending on its surface temperature stars are of :-
  • Red Color – Low Temp
  • White Color – Medium Temp
  • Blue Color – High Temp
  • Future of a star depends on its initial mass.
  • When fuel of star (sun) starts ending its size starts increasing and become Red Giant.
  • For the stars size measurement (comparison) we use Chandra Shekhar Limt. 
  • 1.5 times (exact 1.44) of sun mass is known as Chandra Shekhar limit. So if a star is having mass 1.5 more than our sun is called as big star and if its mass is less than 1.5 times of sun we call it as small star.

  • Density of Black hole is very high and even light cannot pass through it.
  • Black hole has also very high magnetic attraction and it can attract white dwarf and black dwarf too.
  • White Hole  is a imagination in which we believe that all light is coming from a point.

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