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The Computer GK awareness section is an important part of all competitive exams. Many exams which includes basic computer knowledge quiz questions and You will get atleast 10-12 Questions on Computer Awareness Section. Following is a Computer Awareness questions answers (mcq) for techincal aptitude for IBPS PO , MT Exam, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, RBI, CLAT, CTET and other competitive exams.


Que. BIOS stand for? 
   (A) Bootstrap initial operating system 
   (B) Basic input output start-up
   (C) Boot initial operating start-up
   (D) Basic input output system
Ans:(D) Basic input output system

Que. What type of connector is used to plug a telephone line into a modem?
   (A) COMl
   (B) RJ-45
   (C) RJ-ll
   (D) RJ-1O
Ans: (D) RJ-1O

Que. What are the four basic functions of a computer system? 
   (A) Input, processing, production and storage 
   (B) Keyboard, display, memory and disk drive
   (C) Word processing, spreadsheets, database and contact management 
   (D) Read, write, calculate and display
Ans: A) Input, processing, production and storage 

Que. .......memory has the shortest access time.
  (A) Cache
  (B) Virtual
  (C) Secondary
  (D) External
Ans: (A) Cache

Que. Which is different from another?
   (A) Android
   (B) Ubantu
   (C) Windows
   (D) Linux
Ans:  (A) Android

Que. DVD stands for ....
  (A) Data Versatile Disk 
  (B) Double Video Disk 
  (C) Digital Versatile Disk 
  (D) Disk Video Digital
Ans: (B) Double Video Disk 

Que· Operating Systems, Editors, Debuggers comes under
   (A) System software 
   (B) Application software 
   (C) Utilities software 
   (D) Development software
Ans: (A) System software 

Que : What is ALU ?
(A) Alternative Logic Unit                            
(B) Arithmetic Logic Unit
(C) Arithmetic Least Unit                   
(D) Arithmetic Local Unit
Ans: (B) Arithmetic Logic Unit

Que : The waste generated by end life personal computers is
(A) PC waste                                     (B) Physical waste
(C) Computer waste                           (D) E waste
Ans : (D) E waste

Que : The popular search engine ‘Google’ derives its name from the word ‘Googol’.  What does the word mean?
(A) To search                           
(B) To index
(C) To crawl                   
(D) The numeral one followed by a hundred zeros

Ans: (D) The numeral one followed by a hundred zeros

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