Computer GK Quiz 2

The Computer GK awareness section is an important part of all competitive exams. Many exams which includes basic computer knowledge quiz questions and You will get at least 10-12 Questions on Computer Awareness Section. Following is a Computer Awareness questions answers (mcq) for technical aptitude for IBPS PO , MT Exam, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, RBI, CLAT, CTET and other competitive exams

Computer GK Quiz 2

Que : Hard copies can be obtained from
  (A) Scanner                    (B) Speaker
  (C) Printer                      (D) Recorder
Answer: (C) Printer

Que : In any spreadsheet, the address of the first cell is
  (A) 0A                                                (B) 1A
  (C) A0                                                (D) A1
Answer: (D) A1

Que : Identify the DBMS among the following
 (A) MS Access                          (B) MS Power Point
 (C) PL/SQL                              (D) MS Excel
Answer: (C) PL/SQL

Que : The database in which records are organized in a tree like structure is
  (A) Network Database              
  (B) Hierarchical Database
  (C) Relational Database 
  (D) Object-oriented Database
Answer: (B) Hierarchical Database

Que : Which is a DOS command ?
  (A) LIST                          (B) CHANGE
  (C) DUPLICATE                (D) FORMAT
Answer: (D) FORMAT

Que : A type of internet account, in which the computer is not connected directly to the net.
  (A) Shell account                      (B) Kernel account
  (C) Server account                   (D) TCP/IP account
Answer: (D) TCP/IP account

Que : In HTML, tags consists of keywords enclosed within
  (A) Angular brackets < >                            
  (B) Parenthesis ( )
  (C) Square brackets [ ]                     
  (D) Flower brackets { }
Answer: (A) Angular brackets < >    

Que : __________ printer can’t print more than one character at a time.
  (A) Daisy – wheel           (B) Laser 
  (C) Dot – matrix             (D) Line
Answer: (A) Daisy – wheel 

Que : Where was India’s first computer installed ?
  (A) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi                        
  (B) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  (C) Indian Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Burnpur                        
  (D) Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
Answer: (D) Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta

Que : What is used to measure the speed of data transmission ?
  (A) Mega Hertz                        
  (B) Characters per second
  (C) Bits per second                  
  (D) Nano seconds

Answer: (C) Bits per second    

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