Computer GK Quiz 3

The Computer GK awareness section is an important part of all competitive exams. Many exams which includes basic computer knowledge quiz questions and You will get at least 10-12 Questions on Computer Awareness Section. Following is a Computer Awareness questions answers (MCQ) for technical aptitude for IBPS PO , MT Exam, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, RBI, CLAT, CTET and other competitive exams.

Computer GK Quiz 3

Que: A Group Ware is a
  (A) Hardware                            (B) Network
  (C) Software                             (D) Firmware
Answer: (C) Software

Que : A new technology which provides the ability to create an artificial world and have people interact with it is called
  (A) Tele virtuality                      (B) Virtual Reality
  (C) Alternate Reality                 (D) 3-D Reality
Answer: (B) Virtual Reality

Que : A parallel port is most often used by a
  (A) Printer                       (B) Monitor 
  (C) Mouse                       (D) External storage device
Answer: (A) Printer       

 Que: LAN stands for
  (A) Local Area Nodes                         
  (B) Large Area Network
  (C) Large Area Nodes                        
  (D) Local Area Network
Answer: (D) Local Area Network 

Que : Which was a precursor to the internet ?
(A) Extranet                             (B) Usenet 
(C) Intranet                                        (D) Arpanet
Answer : (D) Arpanet

Que : In Java __________ is an independent sequential flow of control within a process.
(A) Thread                      (B) Exception 
(C) Applet                       (D) Method
Answer : (A) Thread

Que : Which data communication method is used for sending data in both directions at the same time ?
(A) Super duplex             (B) Simplex 
(C) Half duplex               (D) Full duplex
Answer : (D) Full duplex

Que : What does the acronym ISDN stand for ?
(A) Indian Standard Digital Network                     
(B) Integrated Services Digital Network 
(C) Intelligent Services Digital Network                          
(D) Integrated Services Data Network 
Answer : (B) Integrated Services Digital Network 

Que : A nibble is equal to _____ bits.
(A) 32                                      (B) 4
(C) 8                                        (D) 16
Answer : (B) 4

Que : Where is spreadsheet software is more useful ?
(A) Psychology                         (B) Publishing
(C) Statistics                            (D) Message sending
Answer : (C) Statistics 

Que : What is the name of the network topology in which there are bi-directional links between each possible node ?
(A) Ring                          (B) Star
(C) Tree                          (D) Mesh
Answer : (D) Mesh

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