Indian Agriculture And Animal Husbandry Questions 2

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Q21. Which of the following crops is grown in India mainly by dry farming?
 (A) Millet
 (B) Tobacco
 (C) Maize
 (D) Groundnut

Q22. Which of the following is the major silk producing state in India?
 (A) Karnataka
 (B) Andhra Pradesh
 (C) Assam
 (D) Bihar

Q23. Among the following crops which one occupies the largest area in India?
 (A) Groundnut
 (B) Mustard
 (C) Rapeseed
 (D) Sugarcane

Q24. Which on of the following states is the largest producer of black pepper in India?
 (A) Tamil nadu
 (B) Kerala
 (C) Karnataka
 (D) Andhra Pradesh

Q25. Where is pearl fishing well developed in India?
 (A) Off the Bengal coast
 (B) Off kerala coast
 (C) Off the coast at rameshwaram
 (D) Nowhere

Q26. The most important item of expon among marine products from India is?
 (A) Crabs
 (B) Lobsters
 (C) Shrimp
 (D) None of these

Q27. Which of the following items and leading producer is not correctly matched?
 (A) Red chilies-Andhra Pradesh
 (B) Saffron-Jammu & Kashmir
 (C) Ginger-Sikkim
 (D) Natural rubber-Kerala

Q28. Which is the home of` ``Alphornso`` mango?
 (A) Ratnagiri
 (B) Banaras
 (C) Malda
 (D) Vijayawada

Q29. Which amidst the following states does not cultivate wheat?
 (A) Karnataka
 (B) Maharashtra
 (C) West Bengal
 (D) Tamil nadu

Q30. Which one among the following is not a reason for practicing tank irrigation in the peninsular India?
 (A) The undulating relief and hard rocks
 (B) Little percolation of rain water due to impervious rock structure
 (C) Most of the rivers of peninsular India are perennial
 (D) There are many streams which become torrential during rainy season

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