Indian Agriculture And Animal Husbandry Questions 3

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Q31. The odd product out of the following is?
 (A) Sesame
 (B) Groundnut
 (C) Caster seed
 (D) Mustard

Q32. The approximate representation of land use classification in India is?
 (A) Net area sown 25% forests 33% other areas42%
 (B) Net area sown 58% forest 17% other areas 25%
 (C) Net area sown 43% forests 29% other areas 28%
 (D) Net area sown 47% forests 23% other areas 30%

Q33. In India during the last decade, the total cultivated land for which one of the following crops has remained more or less stagnant?
 (A) Rice
 (B) Oilseeds
 (C) Pulses
 (D) Sugarcane

Q34. Which of the following crops are grown mainly in the irrigated areas during zaid?
 (A) Arhar and gram
 (B) Moong and urad
 (C) Rice and millets
 (D) Maize and groundnut

Q35. In which of the following crops uttar Pradesh is not the largest producer in India?
 (A) Potato
 (B) Answer:
 (C) Sugarcane
 (D) Wheat

Q36. Which one among the following is not a plantation crop?
 (A) Coffee
 (B) Sugarcane
 (C) Wheat
 (D) Rubber

Q37. The lower gengetic plain is characterized by humid climate with high temperature throughout the year. Which one among the following pairs of crops is most suitable for this region?
 (A) Paddy and cotton
 (B) Wheat and jute
 (C) Paddy and jute
 (D) Wheat and cotton

Q38. Salinization occurs when the irrigation water accumulated in the soil evaporates, leaving behind salts and minerals? What are the effects of salinization on the irrigated land?
 (A) It greatly increases the crop production
 (B) It makes some soils impermeable
 (C) It raises the water table
 (D) It fills the air spaces in the soil with water

Q39. Among the following states, which one has the most suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of a large variety of orchids with minimum cost of production, and can develop an export oriented industry in this field?
 (A) Andhra Pradesh
 (B) Arunachal Pradesh
 (C) Madhya Pradesh
 (D) Uttar Pradesh

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  1. Very useful and thank you so much

  2. Very useful and thank you so much

  3. 36th question answer may be wheat, not a rubber

    1. Coconut, Oil palm, Cashew, Tea, Coffee and Rubber all these are plantation crops,

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