Indian Agriculture And Animal Husbandry Questions

Q1. Which one the following statements correctly defines the term transhumance?
 (A) Economy that solely depends upon animals
 (B) Farming in which only one crop is cultivated by clearing hill slopes
 (C) Practice of growing crops on higher hill slopes in summer and foothills in winter
 (D)Seasonal migration of people with their animals up and down the mountains

Q2. Golden fibre refers to?
 (A) Hemp
 (B) Cotton
 (C) Jute
 (D) Nylon

Q3. Sucrose content in sugarcane decreases?
 (A) If frost occurs during the process of ripening
 (B) If high rainfall occurs during the period of growth of the plant
 (C) If there is high temperature during the time of ripening
 (D) If there is fluctuation in temperature during the period of growth of the plant

Q4. The important feature of shifting cultivation is?
 (A) Cultivation by transplantation
 (B) Cultivation of leguminous crops
 (C) Change of cultivation site
 (D) Rotating of crops

Q5. Fertility of soil can be improved by?
 (A) Adding living earthworms
 (B) Adding dead earthworms
 (C) Removing dead earthworms
 (D) Removing living earthworms and adding dead earthworms

Q6. Extensive subsistence agriculture is?
 (A) Farming on the slopes of we stem ghats
 (B) Farming in the thinly populated areas
 (C) Farming in the thinly populated areas
 (D) Farming in the forests of equatorial region

Q7. What is multiple cropping?
 (A) When seeds are sown on a piece of land then seeding are transplanted in different crops  in each part
 (B) Dividing a field in two or more parts and part
 (C) Raising in succession only one type of crop in the same piece of land
 (D) Raising two or more crops in succession in a year on the same land

Q8. What type of farming is practiced in the densely populated regions of the world?
 (A) Commercial farming
 (B) Extensive farming
 (C) Intensive farming
 (D) Plantation farming

Q9. Crop rotation refers to?
 (A) Method of farming without irrigation in an area of limited rainfall
 (B) Farming done on the same land by different people turn wise
 (C) Growing same crop in alternate years
 (D) Growing different crops in succession

Q10. Mixed farming means?
 (A) Growing two crops at the same time
 (B) Growing different crops in succession
 (C) Producing crops
 (D) Using mixture of manures and fertilizer

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  2. Definition of crop rotation. : the practice of growing different crops in succession on the same land chiefly to preserve the productive capacity of the soil.

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  4. Q10. Mixed farming means?
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