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Bihar General Knowledge Questions 
GK Quiz 2

Que: Which one is not located on National Highway-2 (NH-2)?
(A) Aurangabad
(B) Sasaram
(C) Mohania
(D) Patna
Ans: (D) Patna

Que: In Bihar, though 'Zamindari' was statutorily abolished In 1952, the social base of land control remained in the grip of
(A) Middle Caste Hindus
(B) Scheduled Caste Hindus
(C) Dominant Caste Hindus
(D) Scheduled Tribe Hindus
Ans: (C) Dominant Caste Hindus

Que: With whose efforts was Second Bihar Provincial Congress Session held?
(A) G. K. Gokhale
(B) Shri Deepnarayan Singh
(C) Shri Krishna
(D) Surendranath Banerjee
Ans: (B) Shri Deepnarayan Singh

Que: When was the Municipal Corporation established in Patna?
(A) 1947 
(B) 1950 
(C) 1951 
(D) 1952 
Ans: (D) 1952

Que: The 16th Session of Bihari Students Conference at Hazaribag took place in
(A) 1921
(B) 1922
(C) 1923
(D) 1924
Ans: (A) 1921

Que. The editor of 'Bihari', a leading newspaper of Bihar, was
(A) Babu G. Prasad
(B) Babu Ram Prasad
(C) Babu Gopal Prasad
(D) Babu Maheshwar Prasad
Ans: (D) Babu Maheshwar Prasad

Que: Who was the leader of the student movement in Bihar in 1974 ?
(A) Jai Prakash Narayan 
(B) Ram Manohar Lohia 
(C) Vinoba Bhave 
(D) Ram Pujan Sahay 
Ans: (A) Jai Prakash Narayan

Que: Raj Kumar Shukla was resident of which of the following village ?
(A) Murli Bharhawa
(B) Murli Bheet
(C) Murli Dheer
(D) Murli Kher
Ans: (A) Murli Bharhawa

Que: Shri Nibaran Chandra Dasgupta belonged to which place
(A) Patna
(B) Purulia
(C) Hazipur
(D) Meenapur
Ans: (B) Purulia

Que: Bihar Diwas is celebrated on which day?
(A) 19 April 
(B) 15 August 
(C) 22 March 
(D) 17 July 
Ans: (C) 22 March

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Gk Bihar in hindi
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