Bihar GK Quiz 1

Bihar General Knowledge Questions 
GK Quiz 1

Que: Bihar is the -- largest State of India according to Census 2011.
(A) Second
(B) Third
(C) Fourth
(D) Fifth
Ans: (B) Third

Que: Asia’s Biggest Cattle Fair held at which of the following city ?
(A) Sonepur 
(B) Hajipur 
(C) Buxar 
(D) None of these 
Ans:(A) Sonepur  

Que: TISCO plant is located near
(A) Patna
(B) Darbhanga
(C) Dhanbad
(D) Tatanagar
Ans: (D) Tatanagar

Que: Which is the official language of Bihar?
(A) Hindi 
(B) Oriya 
(C) Munda 
(D) Bihari 
Ans: (A) Hindi 

Que: The East Central Railway zone headquarters is located at
(A) Patna
(B) Hajipur
(C) M uzaffarpur
(D) Katihar
Ans: (B) Hajipur

Que: Where is Industries Commissioner Office of Bihar situated?
(A) Patna
(B) Gaya
(C) Hajipur
(D) Muzaffarpur
Answer: (A) Patna

Que. North Bihar is famous for
(A) Agricultural prosperity
(B) Heavy industries
(C) Flood
(D) Famine
Ans: (C) Flood

Que: State bird of Bihar ?
(A) Sparrow 
(B) Crow 
(C) Parrot 
(D) Bulbul 
Ans: (A) Sparrow 

Que. Which of the following state is bordered south to Bihar ?
(A) Uttarpradesh 
(B) West Bengal 
(C) Jharkhand 
(D) Madhya Pradesh
Ans:(C) Jharkhand 

Que: Valmiki National Park is located in which district of Bihar ?
(A) Patna 
(B) Gopalganj 
(C) West Champaran 
(D) Muzaffarpur 
Ans: (C) West Champaran 
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