Punjab GK MCQ

Punjab General Knowledge Questions 
Quiz 2

Que. Which city was the capital of Punjab before India got independence?
 (A) Chandigarh
 (B) Amritsar
 (C) Lahore
 (D) Delhi
Ans: (C) Lahore

Que. Which is the biggest grain market of Punjab?
 (A) Marinda.
 (B) Mansa
 (C) Kotkpoora
 (D) Khanna
Ans: (D) Khanna

Que. When was the treaty of Amritsar held on
 (A) 1805
 (B) 1806
 (C) 1807
 (D) 1809
Ans: (D) 1809

Que. When was the Punjab and Papsu meged?
 (A) 1950
 (B) 1952
 (C) 1953
 (D) 1956
Ans : (D)

Que. Who is the Punjabi Poetess to get Jananpith Award?
 (A) Ms. Amrita Shergil
 (B) Ms. Amrita Pritam
 (C) Dilip KaurTiwana
 (D) Ms. Sharmila Panday
Ans: (B) Ms. Amrita Pritam

Que. How many divisions of Punjab State?
 (A) 5
 (B) 4
 (C) 6
 (D) 7
Ans: (B) 4

Que. What is the old name of Punjab?
 (A) Sapta Sindhu
 (B) Sapta Rishi
 (C) Sapta-Aba
 (D) Panj-Ab
Ans: (A) Sapta Sindhu

Que. Who was the first Chief Minister of Punjab?
 (A) M. Ajit Singh
 (B) Gurmel Singh
 (C) Tota Singh
 (D) Gopi Chand Bhargva
Ans: (D) Gopi Chand Bhargva

Que. How many Border State of Punjab?
 (A) 3
 (B) 4
 (C) 5
 (D) 6
Ans: (B) 4

Que.   Who is the first IPS lady of Punjab?
 (A) Ms. Surinder Kaur
 (B) Bibi Jagir Kaur
 (C) Ms. Rajinder Kaur
 (D) Ms. Kiran Bedi
Ans: (D) Ms. Kiran Bedi

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Punjab GK MCQ
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