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Punjab General Knowledge Questions 
Quiz 3

21. Where is the science city of Punjab?
 (A) Jalandhar
 (B) Ludhiana
 (C) Moga
 (D) Khanna
Ans: (A) Jalandhar

22.) Where is the Manchester of Punjab?
 (A) Jalandhar
 (B) Ludhiana
 (C) Chandigarh
 (D) Amritsar
Ans: (B) Ludhiana

23 Which is the most Polluted City of Punjab?
 (A) Jalandhar
 (B) Bhatinda
 (C) Ludhiana
 (D) Sirsa
Ans: (C) Ludhiana

24. When was the present Punjab came into Existence?
(A) 1866
(B) 1966
(C) 1766
(D) 1867
Ans : (B) 1966

25. When was SGPC established in Punjab?
 (A) 1970
 (B) 1925
 (C) 1922
 (D) 1924
Ans: (B) 1925

26. Who was the first Sikh ruler of Punjab?
 (A) Guru Nanak Dev
 (B) Maharaja Ranjit Singh
 (C) Bhai Lakha Singh
 (D) Maharaja Kamaljit Singh
Ans: (B) Maharaja Ranjit Singh

27. Where was the country’s 1st solar power plant commissioned ?
 (A) Bathinda
 (B) Anandpur Sahib
 (C) Fatehgarh Sahib
 (D) Kapurthala
Ans (B) Anandpur Sahib

28. Yadavindra Gardens is located at
 (A) Patiala
 (B) Nabha
 (C) Pinjore
 (D) Sangrur
Ans (C) Pinjore

29. Who was the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at asian games?
(A) PT Usha
(B) Jyotrimayee sikdar
(C) Kamaljeet sandhu kooner
(D) Harwant kaur

Ans (C) Kamaljeet sandhu kooner

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