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Kerala General Knowledge Questions
GK Quiz 8

Que: Where is Puralimala situated
Ans: Thalasserry.

Que: Importance of 1 makaram 984 in the history of Kerala is 
Ans: Kundara Proclamation.

Que:"The book ""Swarga Vathil Thurakkunna Samayam"" is written by"
Ans: M.T.Vasudevan Nair.

Que: Head Quarter of Kerala Forest Research Institute
Ans: Peechi.

Que: The speaker having longest tenure in the Kerala Assembly
Ans: M.Vijayakumar.

Que: "Horthus Malabaricus" a seventeenth century book published in 12 volumes by the Dutch describes "
Ans: Medicinal Plants of Kerala.

Que: The Monsoon which brings rains in Kerala during the period October-November is called
Ans: North East Monsoon.

Que: Who started the State Transport service in Travanore ?
Ans: C.P.RamaSwamy Iyer.

Que: "Who wrote ""Viswadarshanam"""
Ans: G.Shankara Kurup.

Que: Forest Industries Travancore is situated in
Ans: Aluva

Que: Which is the largest river in Kerala?
Ans: Periyar

Que: The members to Rajyasabha in Kerala is :
Ans: 9

Que: In connection with which event, Mahatma Gandhi visited Kerala for the second time in 1925?
Ans: Vaikkom Satyagraha.

Que: Who is the author of the book “Prabudha Keralam”?
Ans: Swami Agamananda.

Que: Which organisation’s mouthpiece was the journal “Abhinava Kerala,”?
Ans: Atmavidya Sangham.

Que: Who was known as Lincoln of Kerala?
Ans: Pandit K.P. Karuppan

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Kerala GK Quiz
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