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51)“Corn stunt disease” is caused by ?
(A) Mycoplasma
(B) Candida
(C) Spiro plasma
(D) Albugo
Correct Answer :­Spiro plasma 

52) Father of virology is:­
(A) Millardet
(B) Ivanowski
(C) W.N. Stanley
(D) Beijerinck
Correct Answer :­Beijerinck 

53) Muller (1961) proposed the role of______in disease resistance in plants?
(A) Phytoalexins
(B) Phytoalleles
(C) Heparins
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer :­Phytoalexins 

54) The Pathogen causing a simple interest disease in plant is called?
(A) Polycyclic pathogen
(B) Phytoalexins
(C) Monocyclic pathogen
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :­Monocyclic pathogen  

55) The pathogen which spread internally throughout the host shows:­
(A) Localized invasion
(B) Systemic Invasion
(C) Resistance
(D) No effect
Correct Answer :­Systemic Invasion

56)The stage when pathogens, after deep dormant phase, again start with the active phase of pathogenesis is called as:­
(A) Perennation
(B) Penetration
(C) Primary Inoculum
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer :­Perennation 

57) Which of the following is not air borne disease in plant?
(A) Downy mildew
(B) Powdery mildew   
(C) Late blight
(D) Southern blight
Correct Answer :­Southern blight 

58) The late blight disease of potato is most serious when the:­
(A) Temperature is high
(B) Temperature is low
(C) Soil PH is neutral
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :­Temperature is low 

59) In blast disease of rice, what will happen if relative humidity falls below 88% :­
(A) Conidia will not be produced
(B) Dwarf plants will be produced
(C) Primary infection increases
(D) No effect
Correct Answer :­Conidia will not be produced  

60) When will Damping off disease of seedlings become very severe?
(A) When the temperature increases
(B) When the temperature decreases
(C) When the moisture content of soil increases
(D) All of above
Correct Answer :­When the moisture content of soil increases         

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Plant Pathology Questions
Plant Pathology

What is plant pathology?
Plant Pathology is defined as the study of the organisms and environmental conditions that cause disease in plants, the mechanisms by which this occurs, the interactions between these causal agents and the plant (effects on plant growth, yield and quality), and the methods of managing or controlling plant disease. It also interfaces knowledge from other scientific fields such as mycology, microbiology, virology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, etc. More ...

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  1. Plant pathology is science deals with study of pathogen and physiological disabilities causing disease in plants and host pathogen interaction and defence mechanism along with management of plant diseases