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Que: Who wrote “Jnanappana”   ?
Ans: Poothanam

Que: The most popular travelogue writer in kerala   ?
Ans: S.K.Pottakkadu

Que: The Christian art associated with weaponry is   ?
Ans: Chavittunadakam

Que: The only township in Kerala   ?
Ans: Guruvayur

Que: The most popular and priced literay award in Malayalam   ?
Ans: Mathrubhumi Award

Que: The Athlete who entered the final of the Olympics athletic event   ?
Ans: P.T.Usha

Que: Who is the responsible for the world renown of “Kadhakali”   ?
Ans: Vallathol

Que: The only Fine Art College in Kerala   ?
Ans: Thiruvananthapuram

Que: Who brought tapioca to Kerala   ?
Ans: Avittom Thirunal

Que: When did St. Thomas arrived in Kerala   ?
Ans: AD.52

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