MP GK Questions.

Quiz 1

Que. Which is the State Bird of Madhya Pradesh ?
  (A) Peacock
  (B) Pigeon
  (C) Dudhraj
  (D) None of these
Ans:(C) Dudhraj

Que. How many recognised Scheduled Tribes are there in Madhya Pradesh?
  (A) 50 recognised Scheduled Tribe 
  (B) 46 recognised Scheduled Tribe 
  (C) 43 recognised Scheduled Tribe 
  (D) 40 recognised Scheduled Tribe 
Ans: (B) 46 recognised Scheduled Tribe

Que. Where is Roop Singh Stadium situated in Madhya Pradesh?
  (A) Bhopal 
  (B) Indore 
  (C) Gwalior 
  (D) Sagar 
Ans: (C) Gwalior 

Que. Where is Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology is situated in?
  (A) Indore 
  (B) Bhopal 
  (C) Sagar 
  (D) Hoshangabad 
Ans: (B) Bhopal 

Que. How many districts are there in Madhya Pradesh?
  (A) 35 districts
  (B) 50 districts
  (C) 52 districts 
  (D) 49 districts 
Ans: (C) 52 districts 

Que. On which river of Madhya Pradesh is "Ram Ghat" situated?
  (A) Shipra River
  (B) Narmada River
  (C) Betwa River
  (D) Sone River
Ans: (A) Shipra River

Que Where is the high court of Madhya Pradesh State situated?
  (A) Jabalpur 
  (B) Indore 
  (C) Bhopal 
  (D) Sagar 
Ans: (A) Jabalpur 

Que Which is the 'State Sport' of Madhya Pradesh?
  (A) Cricket
  (B) Kabaddi
  (C) Hockey
  (D) Malkhamb
Ans: (D) Malkhamb

Que. Where was Atal Bihari Vajapayee born ?
  (A) Bhopal
  (B) Gwalior
  (C) Sagar
  (D) Ujjain
Ans: (B) Gwalior

Que. Which of the following tribes is not from Madhya Pradesh?
  (A) Jaunsari
  (B) Gond
  (C) Korku
  (D) Bheel

Ans: (A) Jaunsari

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