MP GK Quiz

Que. Which is the state flower of Madhya Pradesh?
(A) Gulab
(B) Gandha
(C) Lilium candidum (White Lili)
(D) Gulmohar
Ans: (C) Lilium candidum (White Lili)

Que. In M.P. Regional Institute of Education is situated in
(A) Bhopal 
(B) Indore 
(C) Jabalpur 
(D) Ujjain
Ans: (A) Bhopal 

Que. Famous Jal Satyagraha in 2012 came to an end after days demonstration.
(A) 14  
(B) 15  
(C) 16  
(D) 17 
Ans: (D) 17

Que. 'Bagh', a Village in Gwalior is famous for ...........
(A) Sculptures 
(B) Architecture 
(C) Cave painting 
(D) All the above
Ans: (C) Cave painting 

Que. Sanchi Stupa is located to  which district ?
(A) Bhopal
(B) Ujjain
(C) Raisen
(D) Indore
Ans:(C) Raisen

Que. Which of the following state is to the East of Madhya Pradesh?
(A) Haryana
(B) Kerala
(C) Punjab
(D) Chhatisgarh
Ans: (D) Chhatisgarh

Que. Which of the following is the official language of Madhya Pradesh? 
(A) Hindi 
(B) Bhili 
(C) Gamit
(D) Ardhamagadhi
Ans:(A) Hindi 

Que. Which of the following was not added to Madhya Pradesh in 1956?
(A) Bhopal
(B) Madhya Bharat
(C) Kutch
(D) Vindhya Pradesh 
Ans: (C) Kutch

Que. Usha Kiran Palace is located in 
(A) Gwalior 
(B) Bhopal 
(C) Ujjain
(D) Jabalpur
Ans:(A) Gwalior 

Que. Welcomheritage Golf view hotel is situated in
(A) Mhow 
(B) Kanha
(C) Pachmarhi 
(D) Ujjain
Ans: (C) Pachmarhi 

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MP GK Quiz 6
Madhya Pradesh GK Questions Very Important for various MP state exams, Above are objective multiple choice questions of MP GK. Practise online thousands of questions related to MP GK for various Competitive exams.

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