Madhya Pradesh GK Questions

Que. What is the total length of Narmada River? 
  (A) 1312 km
  (B) 1210 km
  (C) 3210 km 
  (D) 5612 km
Ans: (A) 1312 km

Que. Where is 'Rajat Jal Prapt'
  (A) Sagar
  (B) Near Rewa
  (C) Aravali Ranges
  (D) Pachmarhi
Ans: (D) Pachmarhi

Que. Where is Jawahar Lal Nehru Agriculture University?
  (A) Gwalior 
  (B) Indore 
  (C) Jabalpur
  (D) Bhopal
Ans: (C) Jabalpur

Que. In Madhya Pradesh, where is the Head Office of Cotton Research Centre
  (A) Khargoan 
  (B) Dewas 
  (C) Ratlam
  (D) Indore
Ans: (D) Indore

Que. In Madhya Pradesh which district has the maximum population growth rate?
  (A) Bhopal 
  (B) Jabalpur 
  (C) Indore 
  (D) Gwalior

Que. What is the population growth rate in Madhya Pradesh? 
  (A) 20.3 percent
  (B) 20.6 percent 
  (C) 20.1 percent 
  (D) 19.3 percent

Que. Where are the division branches of M.P. High Court situated?
  (A) Indore and Bhopal
  (B) Indore and Gwalior
  (C) Bhopal and Gwalior
  (D) Indore, Bhopal and Gwalior
Ans: (B) Indore and Gwalior

Que. How many members of Rajya Sabha are from Madhya Pradesh
  (A) 9 
  (B) 12 
  (C) 10 
  (D) 11
Ans: (D) 11

Que. How many Municipals are in M.P.? 
  (A) 91 
  (B) 95 
  (C) 96
  (D) 90 

Que. How many Tahsils are in M.P.?
  (A) 342  
  (B) 344 
  (C) 340  
  (D) 332 
Ans:(A) 342

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Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge Questions
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  1. Indore district is by far the most populous district with 32.76 lakh people followed by Jabalpur (24.63 lakh), Sagar (23.78 lakh) and Bhopal (23.71 lakh). Similarly, area under Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has the largest population of 19.94 lakh followed by Bhopal (17.98 lakh), Jabalpur (10.81 lakh) and Gwalior civic bodies (10.54 lakh).

  2. Population of MP grew by 20.3% during 2001-11,

  3. Head office of Cotton Research Centre is in Khargone, not in Indore.