Physics GK MCQ Quiz

Physics GK Question 
Quiz 4

Que: When a bar magnet is cut into two equal halves, the pole strength of each peace
  (A) Becomes double                                      
  (B) Becomes half
  (C) Becomes zero                                           
  (D) Remains the same
Answer: (D) Remains the same
Que: A concave lens always forms an image which is
  (A) Real and erect                            
  (B) Virtual and erect 
  (C) Real and inverted                     
  (D) Virtual and inverted
Answer: (B) Virtual and erect
Que: The modulus of rigidity is the ratio of
  (A) Longitudinal stress to longitudinal strain                                        
  (B) Volume stress to volume strain 
  (C) Shearing stress to shearing strain                                     
  (D) Tensile stress to tensile strain
Answer: (B) Volume stress to volume strain 

Que: The propagation of sound waves in a gas involves
  (A) Adiabatic compression and rarefaction                                          
  (B) Isothermal compression and rarefaction
  (C) Isochoric compression and rarefaction                                           
  (D) Isobaric compression and rarefaction
Answer: (A) Adiabatic compression and rarefaction

Que: If input frequency of a full wave rectifier be n, then output frequency would be
  (A) n/2                                                                  
  (B) n
  (C) 3n/2                                                                
  (D) 2n
Answer: (D) 2n
Que: Noise is measured in
  (A) Watt                                               
  (B) REM
  (C) Centigrade                                   
  (D) Decibel
Answer: (D) Decibel
Que: A particle moving with uniform speed
  (A) Must have uniform velocity                                                
  (B) Cannot have uniform velocity
  (C) May have uniform velocity                                  
  (D) Will have no velocity
Answer: (C) May have uniform velocity  

Que: Device which uses sound waves for detection and ranging is
  (A) Radar                                             
  (B) Sonar
  (C) Pukar                                             
  (D) None
Answer: (B) Sonar

Que: Which is not a unit of weight ?
  (A) Pound                                           
  (B) Kilogram 
  (C) Gram                                              
  (D) Dyne
Answer: (D) Dyne

Que: The materials which are weakly repelled by magnets are
  (A) Ferro-magnetic materials                                     
  (B) A-magnetic materials
  (C) Para-magnetic materials                                       
  (D) Dia-magnetic materials

Answer: (D) Dia-magnetic materials

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Physics GK MCQ Quiz
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