Physics GK

Physics GK Question 
Quiz 1

Que: Cooking vessels have wooden or Bakelite handles because
  (A) Wood and Bakelite are bad conductors of heat                                          
  (B) The handle must be strong
  (C) The handle must be attractive                                           
  (D) None
Answer: (A) Wood and Bakelite are bad conductors of heat  

Que: Mercury is generally used in thermometers as it has
  (A) High fluidity                                                
  (B) High density 
  (C) High conductivity                                     
  (D) High specific heat
Answer: (C) High conductivity  

Que: The humidity of air depends on
  (A) Temperature                              
  (B) Location
  (C) Weather                                    
  (D) All of them
Answer: (D) All of them

Que: Which of the following have the same unit ?
  (A) Work and power                      
  (B) Torque and moment of inertia
  (C) Work and torque                                     
  (D) Torque and angular movement
Answer: (C) Work and torque  

Que: In a particular system, the units of length, mass and time are chosen to be 10 cm, 10 g and 0.1s respectively. The unit of force in this system will be equivalent to
  (A) 0.1 N                                              
  (B) 1 N
  (C) 10 N                                                                
  (D) 100 N
Answer: (A) 0.1 N 

Que: Distance of stars are measured in
  (A) Galactic unit                               
  (B) Stellar mile
  (C) Cosmic kilometre                     
  (D) Light year
Answer: (D) Light year

Que: Loudness of sound depends on
  (A) Frequency                                  
  (B) Wavelength
  (C) Amplitude                                   
  (D) Pitch
Answer: (C) Amplitude

Que: A moving neutron collides with a stationary a-particle. The fraction of the kinetic energy lost by the neutron is
  (A) 1/4                                                  
  (B) 1/16
  (C) 9/25                                                
  (D) 16/25
Answer: (D) 16/25

Que: Which of these waves can be polarised ?
  (A) Sound waves in air                  
  (B) Longitudinal waves on a string
  (C) Transverse waves on a string                              
  (D) Light waves
Answer: (D) Light waves

Que: The unit of Plank’s constant is......
  (A) Js                                                     
  (B) Js-2
  (C) J/s                                                   
  (D) Js2

Answer: (A) Js

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