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Quiz 3

Que: What is a neuron ?
  (A) Basic unit of energy                                
  (B) Particle released during radioactivity
  (C) The anti-particle of neutron                                                
  (D) Basic unit of nervous system
Answer: (D) Basic unit of nervous system

Que: Matter waves are
  (A) De Broglie waves                                     
  (B) Electromagnetic waves 
  (C) Transverse waves                                    
  (D) Longitudinal waves
Answer: A) De Broglie waves  

Que: When the milk is churned vigorously the cream from it is separated out due to
  (A) Centripetal force                     
  (B) Gravitational force 
  (C) Frictional force                          
  (D) Centrifugal force
Answer: (D) Centrifugal force

Que: Gas thermometers are more sensitive than the liquid thermometers because the gases
  (A) Have large coefficient of expansion                                                
  (B) Are lighter
  (C) Have low specific heat                                           
  (D) Have high specific heat
Answer: (A) Have large coefficient of expansion  

Que: Optical fibers are based on
  (A) Interference                              
  (B) Dispersion
  (C) Diffraction                                   
  (D) Total internal reflection
Answer: (D) Total internal reflection

Que : ‘Mirage’ is an example of
  (A) Refraction of light only                                          
  (B) Total internal reflection of light only
  (C) Refraction and total internal reflection of light                                           
  (D) Dispersion of light only
Answer: (C) Refraction and total internal reflection of light

Que: The phenomenon of light associated with the appearance of blue color of the sky is
  (A) Interference                               
  (B) Reflection
  (C) Refraction                                    
  (D) Scattering
Answer: (D) Scattering

Que: A balloon filled with helium rises in air because
  (A) Air exerts an upward force on the balloon                                   
  (B) The balloon is weightless
  (C) Helium is less dense than air                                               
  (D) Helium pushes down on the air below the balloon
Answer: (C) Helium is less dense than air

Que: One can distinguish a telescope from a microscope by observing
  (A) Length                                          
  (B) Colour
  (C) Size of the lens                         
  (D) Length and size of the lens
Answer: (D) Length and size of the lens

Que: The sound produced by a bat is
  (A) Audible                                         
  (B) Subsonic
  (C) Infrasonic                                     
  (D) Ultrasonic

Answer: (D) Ultrasonic

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Physics GK pdf
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