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Physics GK Question 
Quiz 2

Que: If a wire of resistance R is melted and recast to half of its length, then the new resistance of the wire will be
  (A) R/4                                                  
  (B) R/2
  (C) R                                                      
  (D) 2R
Answer: (A) R/4 

Que: A non-electronic conductor is
  (A) Iron                                               
  (B) Gas Carbon 
  (C) Copper Sulphate                      
  (D) None
Answer: (D) None

Que: Ohm’s law is valid in case of
  (A) Semiconductor                         
  (B) Conductor
  (C) Superconductor                       
  (D) Insulator
Answer: (B) Conductor

Que : The Laser is a beam of radiations which are
  (A) Non-coherent and monochromatic                                 
  (B) Coherent and monochromatic
  (C) Non-coherent and non-monochromatic                                        
  (D) Coherent and non-monochromatic
Answer: (B) Coherent and monochromatic

Que: Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperatures are the same at
  (A) 320                                                  
  (B) 400
  (C) -2730                                              
  (D) -400
Answer: (D) -400

Que: The dimensional formula for universal gravitational constant is
  (A) M-1L3T2                                       
  (B) ML2T-2
  (C) M-2                                 
  (D) M-1L3T-2
Answer: (D) M-1L3T-2

Que: Diopter is the unit of
  (A) Power of a lens                       
  (B) Focal length of a lens
  (C) Light intensity                            
  (D) Sound intensity
Answer: (A) Power of a lens 

Que : When a atone is thrown in a calm water of a pond the waves produced on the surface of water are
  (A) Longitudinal                               
  (B) Transverse
  (C) Both A and B                              
  (D) Waves are not produced
Answer: (B) Transverse

Que: In a filament type light bulb most of the electric power consumped appears as
  (A) Visible light                  
  (B) Infra red light
  (C) Ultra violet rays                         
  (D) Fluorescent light
Answer: (B) Infra red light

Que: The non metal found in the liquid state is
  (A) Bromine                                       
  (B) Nitrogen 
  (C) Fluorine                                        
  (D) Chlorine

Answer: (A) Bromine

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physics gk in hindi

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