Ancient History Questions In UPSC Prelims

Ancient Indian History

Quiz 2

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11) Who was victorious in ‘Dasrajan’ war?
  A. Sudas
  B. Bhalnas
  C. Shivi
  D. Turvas
Correct Answer: Sudas

12) What was the name of river Chinab known during vedic period?
  A. Visttata
  B. Askani
  C. Vipasha
  D. Purushni
Correct Answer: Visttata

13) Which brahman text describes the Rituals of ploughing
  A. Satpath
  B. Aitray
  C. Gopath
  D. Koshambi
Correct Answer: Satpath

14) “Satyamev Jayte” is taken from which of these text ?
  A. Kathopnishad
  B. Mundkopnishad
  C. Swetasvataronishada
  D. Sounak
Correct Answer: Mundkopnishad

15) First mention of four Ashrams is found 
  A. Jabalopnishada
  B. Brihadaranyak upanishada
  C. Prashnopnishada
  D. Kenoupnishad
Correct Answer: Jabalopnishada

16) Which is the Oldest Religious scripture?
  A. Bhagvat Puran
  B. Vayu Puran
  C. Matsya puran
  D. Harivansh puran
Correct Answer: Bhagvat Puran

17) What do you mean by ‘Bhag and Bali’
  A. Worship of god
  B. Havi
  C. Sacrifices in yagya
  D. Tax
Correct Answer: Tax

18) Which principle Mahaveer swami added into the four principles of Parshvanath ?
  A. Ahinsha
  B. Aprigrah
  C. Asteya
  D. Brahmacharya
Correct Answer: Brahmacharya

19) Who presided the first Buddist council ?
  A. Mahakasyapa
  B. Gunabhanda
  C. Sabbakami
  D. Stholbhadra
Correct Answer: Mahakasyapa

20) ”Nothing definite can be said about any subject’’. What is this Jain principal
known as?
  A. Anishwarbad
  B. Janbad
  C. Syadbaad
  D. Karmawad
Correct Answer: Syadbaad

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Indian History, as almost all aspirants know, is an important area from which a
Ancient History Questions In UPSC Prelims
Ancient Indian History
major share of questions come in UPSC prelims and mains, SSC, MPSI and many other competitive exams. Indian ancient History is a very vast subject, and it is important to prioritize certain areas for all competitive exams.
                                This section has multiple choice questions on ancient Indian History useful for preparation of ancient history, culture and heritage of India and many topic such as Indus Valley civilization, Aryan Civilization, Religions movements (Jainism, Buddhism), The Mauryan Empire, tral Asian contacts and their results, South Indian History, Gupta Empire, Post-Gupta period, etc  for 2017, 2018 competition examinations
Keyword:- Ancient History Questions In UPSC Prelims

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