Ancient Indian History Quiz Questions And Answers

Ancient Indian History

Quiz 3

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21) What was the capital of Aang Mahajanpada?
  A. Champa
  B. Vaishali
  C. Pushkalavati
  D. Koushambi
Correct Answer: Champa

22) Who was the founder of Haryark Dynasty?
  A. Shishupal
  B. Bimbsar
  C.  Ajatashatru
  D. Udiyan
Correct Answer: Bimbsar

23) Who was the first foreigner who invaded India/
  A. Derious
  B. Sikandar
  C. Selyucus
  D. Philip
Correct Answer: Derious

24) What was the name of Goutam Buddha’s mother?
  A. Goutami
  B. Mahamaya
  C. Yashodhara
  D. Chelna
Correct Answer: Mahamaya

25) Who fought the war of Jhelum?
  A. Ameer and Sinndar
  B. Porash and Sikandar
  C. Yodhey and Sikandar
  D. Ghananand and Sikandar
Correct Answer: Porash and Sikandar

26) Gautam Buddh’s leaving home is known as 
  A. Mahabhinishkraman
  B. Dharmabhishek
  C. Dharmchakra paravartan
  D. Mahaparinirvana
Correct Answer: Mahabhinishkraman

27) What was the symbol of first Teerthankar Rishabhdeva ?
  A. Elephant
  B. Bull
  C. Lion
  D. Blue lotus
Correct Answer: Bull

28) Where did Mahaveer Swami attain knowledge?
  A. Koushambi
  B. Nalanda
  C. Jumbhikagram
  D. Anantpuri
Correct Answer: Jumbhikagram

29) Who established Pattilputra ?
  A. Bimbsar
  B. Udiyan
  C. Shishunag
  D. Chandragupta
Correct Answer: Udiyan

30) Which Mourya Ruler is also known as “Amitraghat”?
  A. Chandragupta
  B. Bindusar
  C. Ashok
  D. Dashrath
Correct Answer: Bindusar

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Indian History, as almost all aspirants know, is an important area from which a 
Ancient Indian History Quiz Questions And Answers
Ancient Indian History
major share of questions come in UPSC prelims and mains, SSC, MPSI, Patwari exam and many other competitive exams. Indian ancient History is a very vast subject, and it is important to prioritize certain areas for all competitive exams.
                                This section has multiple choice questions on ancient Indian History useful for preparation of ancient history, culture and heritage of India and many topic such as Indus Valley civilization, Aryan Civilization, Religions movements (Jainism, Buddhism), The Mauryan Empire, tral Asian contacts and their results, South Indian History, Gupta Empire, Post-Gupta period, etc  for 2017, 2018 competition examinations
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  1. Yashodhara is Buddha's wife. His mother's name is Mayamaya who died giving him in his sister Prajapati's custody.