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GK chemistry quiz for various competitive exam.these are very important Chemistry Questions and Answers which covers all chemistry topics like Matter, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Hydrocarbons, Chemical Kinetics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Fertiliser Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Operations, Petroleum Refinery Engineering, Chemical Process, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Stoichiometry, Fuels and Combustion, Nuclear Power Engineering etc.

Chemistry GK Quiz 2

Que: The gas used to extinguish fire is..................?
(A) Neon                                             (B) Nitrogen 
(C) Carbon dioxide                               (D) Carbon monoxide
Answer: (D) Carbon monoxide

Que: Carborundum is another name of..................?
(A) Silicon carbide                           
(B) Silicon oxide
(C) Calcium carbide                                        
(D) Calcium oxide
Answer: (A) Silicon carbide

Que: Number of atoms present in one mole of a gas at STP is
(A) 6.023 × 1020                                (B) 6.023 × 1023
(C) 6.023 × 10-23                               (D) 6.023 × 10-20
Answer: (B) 6.023 × 1023

Que: Number of neutrons in an atom of hydrogen is
(A) One                                                (B) Zero 
(C) Two                                                (D) Three
Answer: (B) Zero 

Que : The heat value of combustion of Gasoline is
(A) 12600 kJ/kg                  (B) 14600 kJ/kg
(C) 39400 kJ/kg                  (D) 47000 kJ/kg
Answer: (D) 47000 kJ/kg

Que: Chemical names of common salt is
(A) Sodium Chloride                      
(B) Sodium Bicarbonate
(C) Sodium                                         
(D) Sodium Oxide
Answer: (A) Sodium Chloride 

Que: Which one of the following mineral does not contain oxygen ?
(A) Haematite                                     (B) Bauxite
(C) Cryolite                                         (D) Calcite
Answer: (C) Cryolite  

Que: Which of the following will replace hydrogen from acids to form salts ?
(A) S                                                      (B) Na
(C) Ag                                                    (D) P
Answer: (B) Na

Que: The pH of lemon juice is expected to be ?
(A) Equal to 7                                    
(B) Nothing can be said
(C) Less than 7                                  
(D) More than 7
Answer: (C) Less than 7  

Que: An example of heterocyclic compound is
(A) Naphthalene                                 (B) Furan
(C) Benzene                                       (D) Anthracene

Answer:  (B) Furan

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